May 11, 2005

Liliane Lijn

I bumped into Pete and Jimmy yesterday, and after having had a coffee relaxing in the nice comfy sofas of the Arts Centre together with their friend Maria, someone (I think it was Pete) got the idea to visit the Mead Gallery (Modern Art..) They have a Liliane Lijn exhibition on at the moment (not that I had heard of her before) which basically is all about cones. Cones made out of different materials and in different colours, I was going to say 'different shapes', but I guess that would have been wrong. They also have these really cool sort of constructions with mirrors and prisms so that you can see someone who is standing in a right angle to you as if he was right in front of you and stuff. Awesome. The exhibition includes drawings "of other worlds", as it says in the leaflet. One of the pictures is about this world though I guess since it is called "Earth Anus". Lijn also constructed "poem machines", which however weren't plugged in when we went and weren't that much fun after all. We really got into the whole cone thing though somehow. We left the exhibition feeling slightly confused but very cultured and got arty. You know how they say that you can't relate to Modern Art and all? Well, that certainly wasn't true in our case. We felt really "cony" and took the inspiration even further, buying ice-cream cones and doing a live exhibition in front of Lijn's massive "Koan" in front of the Arts Centre involving said ice-cream (Cornetto Passion is just a coincidence here, we are not (yet?) promoting a particular brand) and human bodies. The passers-by clearly weren't impressed but hey, you can't expect everyone to have the mind of an artist… Anyway, we got into a really happy mood experimenting with different constellations, the most notable involving Jimmy standing on his hands (sort of) imitating a cone (sort of).
As with all ingenious inspirations ours went as quickly as it came. Exhausted but pleased with ourselves we decided that Mead Gallery will certainly be delighted to feature our "Cone Impressions" in their programme -> see Gallery – Warwick Campus for more pictures! Since we weren't yet ready to go back to study we decided to look for that legendary tree that Bill Clinton planted on his visit to Warwick together with Tony Blair a couple of years ago. Apparently it is under CCTV surveillance – I can see why there could be people out there wanting to chop down the thing, hehe. Anyway, we looked around for a bit but all we could see were other sorts of plants, but no trees of the right size. I suggested that maybe he had planted a Bush. . .

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  1. k->A<-i

    Hey all you "I'm interested in Modern-Arts"-people out there, why don't you comment on this birth of a new century in past-modern Art. Don't you think the time has come for praising our great leader – the cone? Now, well at least it seems to be fun.

    As a physisist I want to emphasise, physics has developed this cone-thing before, just to mention: future- and past-cones in special relativity, for the interested people.

    And as an individualist, of course I have to mention, that my name has kAi an odd similarity to a cone, as well. -they are everywhere ;o>

    PS: Sorry for bothering you with this physics-thing, but I couldn't resist…

    13 May 2005, 10:16

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