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June 03, 2006


Hey up,

Make Pete Doherty History (Enough said really)

Make the World Cup History (The rest of the general public demand it)

Make the AUT strike History (I'd like my degree to run smoothly please)

Make George Gallaway History

Make Nikki from Big Brother History (By blowing her head off preferably)

Make my financial problems History

Make The Daily Mail History




By a somewhat cruel twist of fate i've been tagged by one of these fill me in chain mail style things. I shall however fill this one in for three reasons:

1. It was set as a task for me by Deano
2. I will do anything to avoid revision
3. It's remarkably simple in comparison to the junk I normally have arrive

I am Daniel Adams. Please note, the Addams family of cinema fame has two d's. That's my only escape from the jokes. Try writing Adams into your phone. Yep, that's right. It never was my nickname though. BigD is what they called me. I'll leave why to your sick and twisted imaginations.

I want my final exam to be over so that I can finally say i'm finished, like every other git around here.

I wish I had more self control to do revision.

I love Vicky, my family, my closest friends and a good macaroni pudding.

I fear spiders. Oh, and boats. Deep water freaks me out. The vast blackness of the unknown depths. I guess I also fear the time when we run out of petrol. I love cars.

I hear that to have a good time you have to drink and go to places where they play deafening repetitive music in the pitch black. Bullshit. You don't have to do these things to have fun you sad little individuals.

I wonder if life will ever get any easier from here on in.

I regret not joining any societies at uni. In fact no I don't. Why do I have to join societies to be a well rounded person? So get lost.

I dance rarely and badly.

I cry when The Office or The Royale family comes on TV, because they are utterly shite.

I confuse myself. Lots.

I tag ooooo let me think. Shall I enter into the spirit of this thing 100%. I've already filled it out, isn't that enough? I tag no one. I'm sure this thing will survive without my further input. I'm also sure most of the people i'd fork this over too have been covered.



April 21, 2006

There Will Be No Song and Dance.

Hey all,

Put simply, I didn't get the Japanese job.

I'm on the alternate short list. Which means if enough idiots give up the opportunity of a life time, they send me.

I could rant on about the fact that i'll miss all the orientation should they decide to send me at the end of September, or that I now can't plan our future further than my own nose.

But I won't.



April 02, 2006

Over The Top


Apologies for incomplete Japan interview Blog. I might one day complete it. Plus if, if, if, I get the job then it'll be the blog of 'Another Englishman in Japan'.

I suppose I should write about somethings….......

The buses – I paid for a bus pass. I'd like some sort of bus service. Please. Is that a possibility? What's more, the process of complaining, even by the University, is met by a stone wall. It's now not uncommon for anything up to four buses to accumulate on campus at any one time. Then, you'll climb on the front one, only to find that the one behind leaves first but you weren't told. Second to that, buses depart for Leamington with no-one on them because the service terminated at University. Does it not make sense to just ferry passengers back and terminate at the top of town or the parish church so they can go to the depo? There are buses now that do this and sometimes they aren't posted as such on the front. It's got better, but when a bus says Sydenham on the front and i'm then told I need to get off because he actually only goes to the train station is out of order.

Our bus stop is the first on the route. So you'd think that they would wait time there to sort things out. But no. There is a culture of leaving bus stops early and waiting time anywhere they fancy. Some bus drivers go buy lunch. Others sit and smoke. Some just want to get back to swap over for their break. It means that people are left waiting for buses that have already gone past. There are buses that terminate at our stop. Which has two schools of thought, the bus driver now has to negotiate his way back to town to go back to the depo. So why not just terminate in town before or after our stop? (You can get to the depo easy one stop before us, but once you turn on to our road, they have to take the loop).

It's also true to say that my Grandmother could drive a bus better than some of these monkeys. The disregard paid to passengers over speed bumps (especially when the average age of the occupant is 70 odd) is unforgivable. A lady actually cried out today and another gritted her teeth and held on for dear life as we negotiated a turn in town way too fast, calling for some harsh corrective breaking.

I talked to our next door neighbour bus dispatch worker in leamington, he's told me the buses are "shite" and that "you can't rely on them can you". He can't do anything and is quite ready to admit they are rubbish. So when you own employees know there's a problem, surely thats alarm bells to those higher up?

I'll pass comment on the stupidly small number of buses going to campus over the hols. It used to be repetitive times over the hour to campus and all was well, you knew where you stood. Now it's randomly set times over the day but only certian ones go to campus, the rest stop in Kenilworth. Why go all that way and not pop through campus?

That's that. Another bus rant.

What else….......

Oblivion on Xbox 360. I've played in three time and my play time is over twelve hours. It's addictive. It could take over my life. I need to put it down so I can do my exams. I could talk for hours about it. But I won't bore you with the nerdy RPG stuff. :D

Lastly, i'm now facing the wall. Facing the trench ladder. I'm about to go over the top into nomans land. These next five weeks will determine the outcome of my degree and i need to lay the work down. So i best go off to do that….......



February 22, 2006

Coronation Street


Before I finish my JET interview blog, I just can't stop the feeling within me to rant about a certain TV program.

A certain chain of events has been leading to this moment. Don't say I didn't warn you.

So, what's the most watched TV show in Britain? No, it's not sodding Eastenders anymore. It's the every more (insert every possible deragatory profanity here) rubbish Coronation Street. Something like 11.5 Million people sat down to watch the poxy programme over the last week.

Sorry, but a descriptive word will precede every mention of the programme in mention.

What does it say about today's culture and society when 'The Programme That Shall Not Be Named' is the most watched entertainment from the cathode ray dispenser?

Not only that, most of it's viewers are too lazy to even name it fully, shortening it to 'Corro' or it's referenced to as 'The Street'.


When Jeff marries Martha, Fred's estranged brother twice removed cousin previously Esmerelda sex changed girlfriend, Bob hits Tony, his half father shopkeeper prostitute serial killer lover, because he wants to marry Martha, his step mothers split personality.

Seriously, no, that's actually next weeks story line.

When people try to argue that its actually good. You have to ask them why. Then, it's like they weren't expecting that question. It's like they expected the totally undeniable 'Corro Force' will brainwash you into liking it for them. If that fails and they actually have to come up with reasons, normally the shock causes brain failure and the replies chortle nervously something along the lines of 'Cos it is'. Well, our survery says…............ee uuuh.

Ok, so that's cruel. So drop me some justification. It's well written? Let me describe the 'too many cooks' problem. Then, actually go back and read some of the plot lines. Think to yourself about them for a while, you'll find a four year old must have been on the writing council. A sadistic four year old who knows only four words. Die, Kiss, Split, Kill. See how many story lines you can make with the characters available in the programme. Oh look, loads, and they all seem like ones they actually used. Told you, four year old.

When there are soap esque drama's out there like Desperate Housewives that are written a darn sight better (not quite perfect but give me that) why is this pap watched?

Then, viewers are shocked by the events on screen more often than not. But, they've read it last week in a gossip magazine so know what's going to happen. I pray for these people.

So if it's not well written, where's the next bit of justification coming from? Oh, it's well acted?

Uhhu. Please. Casualty is better acted. Yes. I said casualty is better acted. I saw some of Highlander the other night. That was better acted. Yes, yes it was.

Why, if it's well acted, have these people never been offered anything remotely better than a backwater job in a poor British soap opera? Ok they have? They've only turned it down because their job is secure for all 60 years of their working life as a regular.

Oh god there's more in this rant. But if I continue, I will insult and possible maim.

The backlash to this post will be more painful than any of you can possibly imagine.



February 01, 2006

Please, Please, Please, Please, Please.

Hey all,

The word busy doesn't go to convey the state of play on my calendar right now. The amount of work I should be doing could only be performed by an infinite number of monkeys at an infinite number of type-writers. Then they might by sheer coincidence produce my work for me.

That aside, last Tuesday saw my first real interview come and go. I've applied to the JET programme which involves me going to Japan for a year to teach English to High School kids. I would dearly love to be told that i've got the job and that in July i'll be flying off this rock. The interview was the second part of the selection process (w00t) and required me to be at the Japanese embassy in London for near on 5 o' clock. Surprisingly, my Dad decided to travel with me. It was really good to spend time with him and have him there for general support and to aid my direction of travel.

It wasn't an uneventful day. It is true to say that the law of the sod came into play throughout much of it. When something important is going on, you can rest assured that there will be many hurdles placed in front of me to test my character and resolve.

It began quite early on at the train station. As we bought tickets we were informed that someone had decided that today was indeed a good day to die. Consequently they had put themselves under a train at Sudbury station near Wembley not ten minutes before our arrival. Now, it's not a nice thing. The general cry from most was that whoever this person was, was exceptionally selfish. Not only had the entire collection of train services been stopped going into London but you have a traumatised train driver and a large quantity of fed up travellers.

We got one station down the line before being herded off the train because the service had been cancelled. So, possibly one of the most important days of this year and it's all going to pot. My Dad was doing his best Basil Faulty impression remarking that "If he's not dead when we get there, i'll kill him myself". In all fairness, Chiltern Railways rose to the challenge. Within minutes a coach had arrived to ferry people off in one direction, while our train reversed up the tracks, another arrived from the same direction and then promptly turned round and took us back the way we came. Errrr…..yea.

It took us the back way into London. So the trip overall was an hour and a half longer than it should have been. Thank god for my Dad's "We're leaving now" mindset.

Now, London is always a culture shock to me. The rat race starts the instant you get off the train. Life steps up a gear but no one is cruising. They are all recklessly charging around on a definite collsion course with stress and anger. The air is thinner and has a faint sulphur smell. It actually makes my throat burn for some time while my body becomes adjusted to it's new operating conditions. We charged off the train and into Marylbone station. After deciphering the underground pipe puzzle we set off down into the belly of the beast.

Lesson time. I'll finish this later.

January 24, 2006

The Awakening


/* Rubs Sleep From Eyes


/* Blinks Repeatedly

What's this thing?

/* Confused Caveman Look Across Face

Oh Yeah. I forgot about this thing. But who are they?

/* Confused Look Dissapears….......then Reappears.

Looks like I've gained some new readers. Better give them something to gossip about.

/* Taps Monitor Glass. Cackles.

November 18, 2005

New Territory


Long time no see. Busy busy time behind, and ahead. Thought i'd get something in before it all kicks off.

So, in a BT advert stylee,

I've met this girl. Well, she's not a girl. She's a fully grown woman who's training to work with kids.

It's currently nothing short of awesome. I'm having to learn a whole new way of thinking. Trying to pick up on the correct reply to certain sentances…......which i'm currently crap at.

In fact, I don't get this lucky, these things don't happen to me at all. I'm in a state of shock over it all. This woman, actually wants to spend time with me. Which is at first confusing, then complimentary, then just plain odd. "Sorry, you actually want to be sat here with me?" "Are you not bored beyond belief?" "Did I tell you i'm boring?" "Oh" "But you're still here"

However much the downbeat side of my brain attempts to give her ways out of all of this, she ignores me.

It's all early stages. So far, i've enjoyed what I thought was an almost perfect dinner with her. We had plenty to talk about, i don't know if we laughed enough, did we have enough in common…...the mind boggles. But she wanted to go to mirage after that, and in a distinct personality shift, I actually 'boogie-ed' mostly sober. She didn't leave either once she saw that. Bonus.

Mirage did teach me several things. That I need to learn to like (read – 'cope') listening to Brian Adams and Bon Jovi. You have no idea how much of a task this will be. It's akin to the Sideshow Bob Matlock Dilemma from the Simpsons. Except I can't walk off the dancefloor away from this amazing woman for fresh air when it comes on. Apparently all I need is re-education. I need partially selective hearing if i'm ever to survive it.

We've done the shopping bit as well. Even the washing up bit. Apparently these are all 'bits' that are involved in these things. Shopping left me with a new set of jeans in the first new fit i've tried in four years. Look what she's done to me already. Although she was right. To fight back we got her a top she wouldn't have bought but makes her look fantastic. So rasberry to you too.


So, expect, possibly, some scribbles on the oddity of surfing the new territory of relationships.



October 25, 2005

Now it's My Turn.


I knew the time would come. I need a vent for the anger that builds inside me. The new Stagecoach pink buses are shite.

Even that helps. I'm sure every last person in Leamington trying to get to Warwick University feels my pain. I live next door to an ex-X12 driver and now a dispatch worker and he agrees they have a serious problem.

Need evidence? I almost had the photograph that would have been front page Boar material. Whilst walking down the parade to south Leamington, on the opposite side of the road, in the space between the top crossroads and the town hall were four, yes four, U1 pink buses. Sodding four of them! Print cannot convey the strange amusement I drew from it and the sheer astonishment at the situation.

What was it they said? The new timetable will prevent bunching. If my mobile phone had a decent camera i'd have got the lot of them in frame. It was a joke. I might have laughed at the time, but it did piss me off thinking i'd be screwed had I been on one.

Only this morning the eight past bus went five minutes early leaving me to wait for the twenty past. When that turned up and left at quarter past I started to see something forming in my brain that might explain the bus services current plight. More on that shortly. By the time we reached the top of the parade, the twenty past bus I was on, overtook the two buses infront of it. So as a threesome we ran to uni. So I wasn't late, as the bus would normally have been in getting me there.

Ok, so the parade is causing some issues, now with the middle bus stop missing on one side confusing old people tempers are starting to fray. The other thing i've picked up on is the fact that downstairs now fills up first on the buses rather than the top as it has done over the past two years. Yesterday, I found out why. The radios on the top are seldom tuned in and the buzzing and squealing drove me nuts.

The other day my housemate and I waited nearly 40 minutes for a bus. Two went past in the space of a minute just as we got ready to depart the house. Then the long vigil at the bus stop meant I was late for an important project meeting. Which buses were the ones we saw? and where the hell were the ones in the gap? Which one was the one we caught? Argh. To top it all off, there is this trend for U1's to stop at the top of campus and sit for some twenty to thirty minutes before leaving. In which time two buses will have just driven straight past without stopping. It's then that the bus driver informs you he doesn't leave until ten past and we should try to get on one of the buses that leaves before him. Then why did you get here first?

The other thing that's catching me lately is the random buses that only go as far as the railway bridge on the way back. They don't go to st helens road (the official start and end of the route) or sydenham. Looking at the timetable they are supposed to go to st helens road. But becuase it's easier to just go to the depo from the bottom of town, they seem to do this.

My next door neighbour and I have agreed its an attitude problem on the bus drivers part. They all have a stop they like to make up time at. Ever got on a bus and it's sat there for some twenty minutes? Feel sorry for the sods who are waiting for it at the bus stops behind it. The big bald bus driver the route has likes to stop at the bottom of sydenham to make up his time for example. Some sit at the parish church and grab a bite to eat from the newsagent or some sit on campus. Some want to get to the driver swap as soon as possible as well. So there is this growing trend for buses to just past stops even if they are early. To carry on driving regardless of the fact that they aren't supposed to leave that stop for another five minutes. Screwing the entire timetable and bunching things up.

What's the net result of all this? It seems to be more appreciation from the customers. Don't get me wrong, in previous years i've been the only guy to say thanks, no everyone does it. Which is nice and polite of us all. Perhaps though if we were more vocal about the idiocy of the situation things might change. Rant over. Meh.



October 20, 2005

Coffee, The Shakes, Letters and Victory!

Hey all,

In the closest impression of Stewie (Family Guy) I can do, "Victory is mine!". In what I can only call a battle of wills between me and myself, I have won. Ok, this is difficult to describe without sounding really 'look at me', so go with me here. I've been suffering with Dysthymic Disorder. Which, by a contradiction in itself, is Chronic Mild Depression. Do you research, it's brought on by a trigger event (sister in a car crash, old friend of mine died) and often occurs in Uni students under particular 'stressors'. It doesn't include any psychotic or manic episodes and has a list of symptoms similar to that of any modern day teenager. It should last no longer than a few years (teenager me thinks again) and can be sorted by working out the underlying issues causing it. One conspirital thought I had relates to the symptom that sufferers will claim they are fine for lengthy periods and appear so, but will drop back into depression every once in a while. Isn't that any person? A bad day at the office maybe? A bad week? Is it just an excuse to label us all mad?

It's odd, because I fit the list of manifestations pretty well. Plus it explains a heck of a lot. There are references to vitiman deficiences, I had the blood test some time ago showing I had an iron and magnesium problem or something. Sufferers have trouble 'switching off' to sleep and sleep badly, I've been on sleeping tablets for ages just to nod off but wake up a lot. Suffers often oversleep as well, well I can sleep for 16 hours without blinking, and do when i've got days off from uni. Sufferers are irritable (not cynical I might add) and can be hostile. I put this down to my constant tiredness. Odd really. Needless to say, I've been branded as a sufferer because I fit the bill in the other departments too – like the section on substance abuse. But I still don't trust it.

My housemate Dave came up with a valid description the other day. Depression is a state of not caring, you have no energy to do anything and just don't want to. People who are depressed commit suicide when they start taking pills, because they've finally got something giving them the gusto to do it. Niche.

The victory refers to my constant refusal to swallow anything to help. Efexor Venlafaxine 37.5mg. I had a whole ton of them provided. Night and day. Happy in the day, sleepy at night. But over the course of the problem I've taken maybe 10 if that. Now, they've been taken away from me because they finally think I don't actually need them. They were only worth 30p each on the black market anyway. Arrr.

Personally, i'm almost there. One more group session to go and i'm free to continue without the label. I'm looking forward to it. Perhaps I'll throw an 'It's over' house party. Yay.

Second on this weeks list is letters. I had a letter from an old friend because he has no internet connection. Written on champagne paper and in lavender ink it really cheered me up immensly. The ancient art of letter writing should be resurrected for sure. I'm in the process of replying and i'm really enjoying it. The royal mail are on an offensive to make us love them and start writing again before they lose their monopoly and to be honest, I think we all should. Trust me, get some paper and write to someone. Your Mum probably is a good start. Or your grandparents. They'd love a letter I reckon. Go for it. It's not that scary.

Next up is the shakes. I'm trying to find a correlation between the shakes I get from alcohol and those I get from Coffee. Over summer I turned into a 'super strong coffee a morning man just to operate' living with a 'a whole litre of coffee and morning man just to operate'. I've come off it slightly but this morning I had the time so knocked some up. I'm now typing with shaky fingers. My body ovbiously can't take this amount of caffiene any more. Sob.

Alcohol shakes occur the morning after and can last the whole day (case in point was Sunday after muchos drinking). So maybe I should come to the conclusion that the shakes are a way of my body telling me to 'not even think about doing that again idiot'. Maybe I should pay more attention to myself.

Oh, and go and see the Wallace and Gromit film. The attention to detail is wonderful and the light hearted comedy is refreshing. I'll need to see it twice to pick up all the little jokes, like the brand of nail gun grommit uses is 'botch' or the antique shop called 'Rare Bits' in a film about rabbits. Masterful.



October 14, 2005

Places No–one Should Ever Have To Go


This week, no I have not been wearing thongs, a very annoying thing happened….......that's rubbish, 'a very annoying thing happened' where did I learn creative writing…jeese.

Anyway, my resident case worker or as she is fondly known nuts person control (NPC) left my folder at our last meeting.

So, the phone conversation goes as follows:

Joan, you've left your folder here.
Really? Dammit. You've not read it have you?
Not yet.
What's that supposed to mean? I don't want you reading it. Understand me?
Why not, what the hell have you left behind?
It's all confidential paperwork. Just leave it, i'll collect it asap.
You've not had a problem showing me 'confidential' stuff before.
That's because what you've been allowed to see you can deal with right now.
Are you suggesting I couldn't deal with some stupid bits of paper?
They aren't stupid, how many times do I have to tell you.
Look, you can't leave it here and not expect me to read it surely?
Listen, it's your personal file ok. You're not supposed to see it at all.
Joan, i'll try not to read it, but I can't exactly promise I won't. That's the best you get.
Fine, but if you do, we could be in a lot of trouble. Second to that, I'm not overly keen on picking up the emotional pieces of anything that comes from you reading it.
Ouch, is it that good?
Don't be funny.
Just drop me a line when you can grab it.
…..bla bla bla

So, i've now had, read and had collected my personal 'nuts' file.

All I can say is, she was bloody right. That was in no uncertain terms, not a good idea.

It's very difficult not to take a lot of it to heart. Learning what someone else (a professional) thinks about you in some depth tends to shed some light on nasty shadows you want left in the dark. If your mind is open enough then some of what's said you can learn to admit and deal with.

Frankly, I'm just starting to attempt to figure out how I deal with what i've just read. My first thought is simply…............ouch.

I think my comfort Jumper, comfort food, comfort book and comfort TV is a good start.



October 10, 2005

Free Stuff!!!!!


It's that time of year again folks. The careers fairs are in town.

As a seasoned professional, with three previous years experience under my belt this years careers fair was to be a masterful stroke of preparation and execution.

The objective, collect as much free stuff as possible and talk only to those people of interest.

So, hunting in pairs we moved in. After spending twenty quick minutes on the first visit we had managed to collect:

Many many pens…...mmmm…..pens
Two packets of mints
Lip balm
An inflatable pillow
An apple
A box containing a coffee and tea kit with cereal bar
A mars bar
A glow stick!!! – Lloyds TSB win the best freebie award

The mars stand had cat food, snickers, maltesers, quick pasta and loads of other stuff. But I didn't feel that greedy.

Then, after the once round a later visit put pay to the fun of earlier on. As a finalist, in need of a job, it was time to do the serious bit as the careers fair for the first time took on its proper purpose. Curses, the real world awaits.

Tomorrow, we go again. More free stuff ahoy!



October 03, 2005

Sammy, Sammy, Sammy….......Sit, Sit, Sit

Hey all,

So, freshers week is over. Busy as it was. I've managed to inherit a cold from spending too much time on the middle of the Top Banana dance floor. Yes. There. Shut up.

In a shaky link (you'll see it in a bit) the new NintenDogs bundles arrived at work today. So, you get a brand new Nintendo DS in pink or blue with your choice of puppy breeds. Something like that anyway.

Needless to say, the pink DS is absolutely perfect. Not that i'm a big girl, it's just perfect for what it is. They must have tirelessly worked for the right shade of pink, the right colour layouts, everything. They are just a superb item to behold. Bit OTT you might think, but in context of what the item aims to do, it's flipping perfect.

So, there's me, with a pink DS in my hands and my eyes wide with appreciation. Next, pop in the daschund breed selection of dogs and start to play.

You start by going to the kennel and looking at whats on offer. The golden retriever took our fancy, so we chose that breed. Then, you go to the new puppy section and choose the particular puppy you want, all with their own personality traits. We chose a laid back young lady who like sleeping. Fantastic.

So thats it. Then you take the pup home. First task is to calm the nerves out of the puppy in its new locale. Then, you have to name it.

Picture the scene. Three men have in their hands a puppy. A golden retriever puppy.

"So, what shall we call her then?"
" I dunno"
"Well we need to call it something"
"Don't call her it"
"look, that's emotional attachment"
"shove off"
"No you shove off"
"Give me the puppy"
"No it's my turn"
….....................etc etc.

So, after much deliberation, by lunch time, we have a puppy called Sammy. Sandy Sammy.

You then have to teach Sammy her own name. You have to speak it into the microphone, then repeat it and she will come to you when you call that particular word. You need to repeat it over and over until she has learnt it. Then, she forgot it. So we started again.

Sammy didn't get her name straight away. You have to reward her when she comes to her name. Pavlov's dogs stuff.

Once she'd got that, it's time to teach her to sit (note the change in tone of this piece, Sammy is now very real….........gulp). Repeat the recording procedure and reward her when she's got the hang of it.

It all sounds remarkably simple. But it reduced three fully grown men to bumbling bafoons. I'm there with no voice due to this cold (shaky link) trying to get out the words 'Sammy' and 'sit down'.

In short, I don't care who you are, on some level, this thing is totally captivating. Any human being who couldn't develop an emotional attachment on some tiny level to one of these things is…........well….......dead.

I get to take Sammy for a walk this weekend. She's strictly Chris' dog. But he's letting me take her out to play with her ball and frisbee. Wicked.



September 28, 2005

Personal Music Concerts For Everyone In The Local Area


It's whinge time. Shock, horror.

In short, personal headphones, to me, means just that. Personal.

In the age of the iPod and apples headphones (they may produce a rubbish sound but they do a good job at being personal), you would have thought that you wouldn't be bothered any more by having to listen to other people's music in confined spaces.

Alas, today, like most days, there's always one. 50 Cent, Jean Paul, Kanyaye West (spelling?) were just some of the 'Juicy Tracks' that an entire floor of people had to put up with coming loudly from someones not so personal, personal headphones.

They are away with it, tapping their feet, oblivious to the collective groan thats let out each time the track changes. When one guy started singing along sat across from him, he still didn't twig.

Consideration for others needed? Maybe. Education on the fact that a decent set of headphones where most (if not all) of the noise goes into your ears rather than poorly into those attached to the ones around you? Definately.



September 21, 2005

The Glass Wall


Today I may have found a link that finally explains to me what everyone means by the 'Big Brother Generation'.

Whilst walking home from work, on the opposite side of the road a domestic arguement was taking place. As I approached it was clear that it was actually very vocal and very physical.

What also caught me was how I followed the others around me who were just ignoring the situation or actually watching.

So, we've got a man physically attacking a woman, with her friend trying to pull her away to stop it.

When the girl hit the pavement the third time, it was hard. The three people behind me let out an 'oooooo' akin to that as if they were watching You've been framed at home on the couch.

They were fighting by a busy road, so I just called 999 and reported the domestic. Then, just carried on walking. Had I done everything I could? I thought about going over, but the bloke was at least a foot taller, had consumed alcohol (the can of carling gave it away) and clearly angry. Not that it matters, but it had something to do with her 'losing his kid'.

60 seconds later, as they round the corner to argue further, with the friend distraught on the steps of a local shop, the police turned up, and promptly took a turn to go in the wrong direction. They made a u-turn but I have no idea if they caught up with them.

It burns, but should have I seen if the friend was alright? There was this overwhelming need to turn to these people watching and ask if we should actually do something about it. (That is not to say i'm some sort of saint). Are we all such cowards? Self preservists? Would we endanger ourselves to protect another human being? No, we just want to watch because if it was on the other side of a TV tube glass wall, it would make great TV.




September 20, 2005

More Balloon Pictures


I've plonked up some more balloon pictures. Will someone also tell me if i'm spelling balloon right. It just looks wrong.

The 35mm are the good ones. I need to get my fingers to a scanner though.



September 16, 2005

Deep Heat


I suffer from back pain. From time to time I twinge a nerve and i'll be in sharp pain down my legs for days at a time. This morning, whilst showering, I was heard to let out a yelp of pain as the air was dragged from my lungs and I collapsed in a heap in the bath. Not a slip, the trapping of a nerve and the subsequent descent in to total uselessness.

So I decided, for the first time, to use deep heat to sooth the trouble. Never tried it on my back before. So, sprayed it on, and waited. Not a thing.

In an effort to remove the smell I donned some talc powder. In doing so, I passed over the area sprayed with my hands and soothed the talc in. Five minutes later this intense buring sensation lets rip across my body. One quick whip in the mirror leads me to the answer. The deep heat had kicked in and in spreading it around with my hands I now exhibited red blotches all over me in some particuarly random shapes.

Mental note: Deep heat is not immiediate in action. Never touch applied area with hands and then touch anything else. Lord knows what might have happened if I'd gone to the loo or something (yes, I did just go there).

When the cream has previously been applied to my legs, it's not been so bad. But when the searing heat tears through more sensitive areas of the body, it causes issues. Be warned.

It's taken several hours, but they've gone. Will I use deep heat spray again, yes. Because it worked. I spent so much time desperately trying to calm my skin down I forgot about the pain in my back. Bingo.



September 14, 2005

Dude, Where's My Sanity?


After a while to mull things over as a confirmed insane bloke. I've come up with a couple of pro's and con's to the situation.

Con – People react oddly when first hearing it.
Pro – They tend to laugh with me and soon realise its actually quite funny.

Con – You need to inform various parties of the fact you are officially nuts.
Pro – They can't figure out what the problem is when they meet you.

Pro – You can play with people by acting nuts and then coining it off as a joke. (Which it is).
Con – Sometimes they don't believe you or don't get it and try to have you committed.

Con – Women will definately not like the fact your a confirmed nutcase and the stereotypicaly 'nutjob' pops up in their minds as a major turn off.
Pro – Sympathy vote? – Oooo, that's topical. Where's my moral high ground?

Con – Once one person knows, others find out and questions start to flood in. I'm getting bored with it. If i'm allowed to.
Pro – Plenty of attention from everyone asking if I'm ok, how shallow of me.
Con – Will people please stop asking me if I'm ok, ok?

Pro – The process of fixing the problem has really helped.
Con – The last step of the problem can't be solved very easily. Damn.
Pro – Fixing the last step of the problem is gonna be damn good fun though.



September 13, 2005



This idea was inside Angels and Demons and I think, for all its strangeness, it might just be useful.

Basically, Rather than asking your mind for a solution to a potentially impossible challenge, simply ask your mind to remember the solution. The presupposition that you once knew the answer creates the mindset that it must therefore exist. This eliminates the conception of hopelessness in the situation.

Neat huh. Well I thought so.



Comfort in Sound


Two entries, two days. A sign of the lack going on around here :D

With the launch of sony's new toy at work, i've been working a lot. 10 days straight at one point. Now it's calmed down, my days off are creeping in again. Thing is, i'm totally lost as for what to do. I half want to make a trip into town tomorrow just to pop in. I must be well programmed.

With no one else here as of yet, my time has been spent reading (as previously mentioned). I've increasinly been listening to more music on the go and whilst relaxing just for something to keep my brain on the active side.

The last couple of weeks and the next will see the dispatch of:

State of Fear
Angels and Demons
Digital Fortress
Harry Potter 1
Long Way Round
Fishmarket Close
Steven King's Bachmann Books

and the random ramblings I could find anywhere else inbetween including two months worth of edge magazines and the interesting bits in an issue of the IEE. Which means I must be desperate.

These have been read often to the tune of:

The Bravery
The Music
Daft Club (Remixes of Daft Punk)
LRD (Citroen Advert album)
Massive Attack
Mr Folds
and Zero 7

With splashings of:


on PSP played inbetween.

On the subject of music, I managed to buy three CD's from the 'Dance' section of Virgin Megastore in Birmingham the other day. Further to my arguement that I am now actually nuts.

Just watched Lee Mack on Live at the Apollo. I felt he was a slow starter but had me in stitches at the end. So, when the warwick advance website kicks in, I heartily recommend everyone grab tickets to the first comedy gig this year that's listed to feature him.

I'll review some of those books tomorrow. Not much else to do :D