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February 23, 2006

Eclipse allows multiple windows on same project

So I have two monitors side by side when I do development, and I typically want to have two windows on the same project (within Eclipse).

For example, I write a load of unit tests which fail, and then I write the code. This would be so much simpler if eclipse allowed me to have two windows, one on each monitor (i.e. one for unit tests, one for domain model).

And it does :)

If you go to window->New Window, it does exactly that. And updating a java file in one window updates the other window as you type :)

Very cool.

October 24, 2005

jdepend + eclipse; yeah :)

Writing about web page

So I have used jdepend before with good effect using maven, however I have never bothered integrating it with ant. I should :)

Anyways, just found this excellent plugin for eclipse. Very useful. If only I could remember what all the values mean :)

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