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July 16, 2005

My new tank :)

So I have just started to setup my new tank. It is a 36"x15×18, with a couple of eheim external 2213 for mechanical filtration. Also stuck about 200£ of live rock in their for biological filtration.

Had it running for about a week with Waterlife biological kick start. Took the water to the excellent clearwater aquatics in Leicester, and they confirmed the cycle had completed.

Introduced a couple of feather dusters, a couple of black+white clowns (aka Nemos :)), a toadstool and something I have already forgotten :) (Pictures in the gallery).

Coming along nicely. Can't wait for the custom cabinet to arrive from Kubek. Very expensive though, spent about 900£ already!

July 11, 2005

Batman Beings; brilliant

Writing about web page

Saw Batman Begins at the cinema. Absolutely brilliant, it had it all. Good plot, simple, but very effectively told story. Brilliant characters; fantastic!

I have never really been a fan of the other batman movies, they have all been a bit cheesy, but this is anything except cheesy.

If War of the Worlds had this kind of attention to story that would have maybe topped it, but unfortunately it was crap, so Batman Begins is my official film of the month ;)

July 04, 2005

Karate camp ROCKS!

So I went to EastWest Karate camp which is run by the Gannon bothers (Mick Gannon is my instructor).

It was brilliant. If you attend an EastWest Karate school, then you really should go. Unfortunately you will have to wait till next year now :(

I decided not to camp and only went on Saturday, and I am glad I did because I couldn’t walk on Sunday :) Too much playing around on the game ;) Other than a single “disputed” match with one of the instructors, I managed to stay on as king of the castle for 6 matches! In the end I limped off before I stopped breathing ;)

As well as standard training routines (pads, katas etc.) we did some kali sticks, thai boxing, ground work and a couple other things I can’t remember ;)

All in all, a brilliant weekend (well Saturday for me :)).

July 01, 2005

I hate Hibernate PropertyAccessException!

So I recently changed around some of my hibernate mapping fields around; moving properties from specific subclass to the superclass, and all of a sudden the app broken with the following error:

org.hibernate.PropertyAccessException: could not set a field value by reflection setter of


This was puzzling because all my unit tests worked, and the setter was definately available.

The problem was that there was a null in the database for the field, for the row I was working on, and it was complaining (correctly) that it cannot set a null against a boolean.

If only the error message had included the value it was trying to set :) Just another example of Hibernates error messages being absolutely correct and entirely unhelpful :)

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