July 04, 2005

Karate camp ROCKS!

So I went to EastWest Karate camp which is run by the Gannon bothers (Mick Gannon is my instructor).

It was brilliant. If you attend an EastWest Karate school, then you really should go. Unfortunately you will have to wait till next year now :(

I decided not to camp and only went on Saturday, and I am glad I did because I couldn’t walk on Sunday :) Too much playing around on the http://www.rm-leisure.co.uk/sumowrestling.htm game ;) Other than a single “disputed” match with one of the instructors, I managed to stay on as king of the castle for 6 matches! In the end I limped off before I stopped breathing ;)

As well as standard training routines (pads, katas etc.) we did some kali sticks, thai boxing, ground work and a couple other things I can’t remember ;)

All in all, a brilliant weekend (well Saturday for me :)).

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  1. Faye

    Hi Colin,
    how long have you been training with Mick Gannon as your instructor?
    because my instructor was Mick Gannon aswell but i left there about 2years ago now after achieving my goal (1st Dan) and i was wondering if you were training at the same time me?.
    talk about coincidence ay?


    21 Jul 2005, 20:43

  2. Nah, I have only been going for a few months. Did you ever go to one of the infamous Karate Camps and meet the rest of the Gannon clan? I actually spend most time with Amir Korzan, did you meet him?

    Congtrats on your black belt BTW ;)

    25 Jul 2005, 10:33

  3. Faye

    yea i i've been to one it was great fun but bloody hard work lol , did u take part in the massive water fights they have at the end of the camp?

    i've trained with Amir for most of my training. He usually instructed my classes when i trained.


    26 Jul 2005, 14:28

  4. I actually didn't take part in the water fight, I was too busy reigning supreme on the Sumo thing ;)

    I am training tonight with Amir, I might ask him about you ;)

    27 Jul 2005, 09:43

  5. Stephen


    Sounds like a fun weekend….



    07 Aug 2005, 12:25

  6. Faye

    hey faye again

    hows the training going?
    ive heard a rumor that i was wondering if you could help me with. its about Gannon Karate.

    is mick gannons karate moved? from bradgate street (i think) a side street near blackbird road? cuz i got a flyer saying East West Karate is around there, thort it mite of been took over.

    this links in to what i heard from a friend that mick and John(i cant remember his last name ,he a instructor) had a argument and nearly all of the scool moved to a different club with him> ? is that tru?
    just wondering if ya can help


    03 Jan 2006, 19:05

  7. Hi Faye.

    I haven't heard any such rumor and I am not sure what is happening (if anything) with Mick and John. Sorry :)

    So are you based around Leicester (where I live)?

    03 Jan 2006, 20:45

  8. Sam Gibbs

    Has anyone met Dave Gannon? I had a run in with him today. He was adamant that any other school was a bad one. I've just pulled my daughter out.

    09 Mar 2006, 12:00

  9. Dave was adamant that the schools run by his brothers were bad?

    09 Mar 2006, 12:13

  10. Sam

    No, he was adamant that all the other school around here are bad. He said that only 5 out of a hundred school were worth going to. I found him to be really pushy, and he wasn't happy that my daughter wanted to take a break from a week night until after her SATs.

    09 Mar 2006, 14:52

  11. Sam,

    That is a shame. I train at Mick Gannons school, and while he is extremely dedicated to his martial arts he is very understanding and fair.

    If you don't live too far away you should try his school.

    Good luck with your daughter's SATs ;)

    09 Mar 2006, 15:35

  12. Sam


    Mick is too far away for us. I'm going to try Mr. Sahota at the leisure centre.

    09 Mar 2006, 16:41

  13. myfanwy

    hello…im training at one of the east west katrate academys run by Mick gannon as well…i have only been going for two months and already been signed up for the c.i.t training course, he really wants me to be one of his teachers. he added i have great potential and my punches and kicks are outstanding(only a red belt hehe) i really want to go the karate camp well this year it sounds great.

    28 Mar 2006, 14:21

  14. myfanwy

    hey faye,

    no it hasnt moved because i go there still

    28 Mar 2006, 14:24

  15. paul

    sam you should try daves brother paul gannon he is based on high street going for my blackbelt testing this week i think he is a good teacher atmosphere is great havent heard of anywhere better

    24 Apr 2006, 12:54

  16. Good luck Paul :)

    I have been about 4 times so far this year :( I have been so busy preparing the house for our new born (3 weeks to go !!!!)

    Anyways, good luck Paul. Go for it!

    24 Apr 2006, 13:01

  17. Craig

    Go to John Gannons!

    07 May 2006, 12:31

  18. myfanwy

    hey its me again only been a month and half and i
    now have my orange belt as well as successfully
    doing the tornado jump kick. Michael Gannon is realy pleased
    shame i cannot go
    karate camp this year… no transport

    12 May 2006, 15:36

  19. Congrats myfanwy :)

    I would say "see you there" but I haven't been for ages… too busy doing the house up for my soon to arrive first born (4 days to go!)

    Hopefully I should start going again once the baby is born…

    Say hi to Mick for me :)

    12 May 2006, 15:39

  20. myfanwy

    ok i will say hi…new inprovements on my tornado kick i have learnt to successfully elevate myself off the ground
    and then do the kick in mid–air…yay….i can do about three on the run spin around continusly b4 i get dizzy.
    as well as that i have aslo achieved the jump round kick yay…i am trying to fit my karate in with my revision for college it is heard work but i am commited.

    15 May 2006, 11:18

  21. Good for you :)

    The more height; the easier it is. Do make sure you stretch before and after though. At the age of 31 I am officially ready for the knackers yard; my knees and elbow joints are now knackered because I abused them when I was young :)

    15 May 2006, 11:31

  22. cheska

    hi i went to this karate camp this year it was really good i go to john gannons its good but the rest are supposed to be too paul gannon taught us some good stuff this year and we had a chance to spar with the instructors, i sparred with dave gannon (another 1 of the brothers!)

    08 Sep 2006, 13:07

  23. Lala

    I used to go to Paul Gannon’s but quit last year after I realised his teaching was awful, and the only decent instructor he’d sacked. I went to 4 Karate Camps, and I really enjoyed them all.

    13 Sep 2006, 21:57

  24. JAKE


    17 Sep 2006, 19:00

  25. Lala

    I don’t think any of these karate schools are in Florida, Jake.

    17 Sep 2006, 21:35

  26. john gannon

    you sad people you no nothing about wot you speak
    find a new hobby maybe tiddley winks

    19 Sep 2006, 21:57

  27. Lala

    LOL! Thanks, John! hehe

    28 Sep 2006, 22:24

  28. andy preston

    i have been to 2 gannon clubs and i found them to both be expensive and rubbish,there are other clubs around that are not in it for the money who actually care about what the students learn and are far from expensive and very well run,there are clubs that only cost about £3 per lesson and you dont have to sign up for 6 or 12 months and then lose your money if you dont like it.
    if anyone would like to know more please ask

    02 Oct 2006, 21:49

  29. Lala

    I totally agree, Andy. You said everything I wanted to about the prices of the Gannon schools, though I did enjoy them, as expensive as they were.

    03 Oct 2006, 21:21

  30. H R

    I have been training with Paul Gannon and his other instructors for about 1 and a half years now. Paul Gannons teaching is always great and has completely changed my life. To Andy Preston (with respect sir): You say there are other clubs around who are not in it for the money? I am sorry, but wake up Andy, everyone is in it for the money, and like every serious club, it’s a business. Instructors have bills to pay too, just like you and me. Why shouldn’t instructors make money for giving up thier time to teach and train you?

    £3 a lesson eh? Sounds like a rubbish and useless club already. You get what you pay for and if your not willing to invest then your obviously not serious about it. Ever heard the saying: buy cheap, buy again? If you want the option to walk away from a club anytime you want, then that’s up to you, you’ve already decided that your not serious about it. Why shouldn’t a club ask for a minimum commitment from you? You should be making a commitment to yourself! Your not going to learn anything without commitment.

    Now let me comment on Paul Gannon’s teaching: What is it that you found rubbish about his teaching Andy? I have been taught by Paul Gannon for almost two years and even participate in his instructors traing every week. It is clear, useful and totally makes sense. If you don’t have respect for your teacher, then you should go. Because that’s what your moaning about his teaching boils down to; you just don’t like him and don’t have any respect for him as a teacher. That’s fair enough, but if you havn’t been taught by him for a descent lenth of time (longer than a few months), then you have no right to insult his teaching. Please say what you really mean, instaed of hiding behind silly excuses.

    What is it your expecting to learn in your first few lessons? How to do an acrobatic kick, or how about learning how to perform a rear naked choke or triangle? When you start, you learn the basics like everyone else and it’s up to you to develope your skills over time, both in your own time and in lessons.

    If anyone is unsure or cynical about Paul Gannon’s Club, then come along and train for 6-12 months. I guarantee, you will develope useful skills to better yourself and the ability to defend yourself with speed, strenth and confidence. And by the way, I have heard the contracts have changed and now let you cancel with a certain amount of notice. Double check that, but I am sure they have.

    Conclusion: Don’t make any snap decisions after a month of training. Martial Arts takes time, commitment and total respect for your teacher. Do not go to lessons that only charge £3-5 a lesson. I have experienced these first hand and they are useless. Make a commitment to yourself to be taught by a top class and very experienced instructor.

    H R, A loyal student of Paul Gannon’s Black Belt leadership Acadamy.

    12 Nov 2006, 18:34

  31. andy preston

    so HR or shall i call you mysterious,obviously you dont wish your name to be known,so you have been with gannons for 18 months,i guarantee you are a black belt already yes?? as you sound like you are an expert already within the martial arts.make a note what i despise about the gannon method,the false advertising,the website where he is surrounded by sunrays looking like some kind of god with the spiel,send your children to my lessons i will make them more popular in school,i will stop them having sex at an early age,i will prevent your child mixing with the wrong crowd and stop your child drinking alcohol.They are some pretty big claims and im sorry but by someone going to a gannon class let alone any other it is NOT going to stop them doing any of these things and im sorry but what exactly is Paul doing to ensure they arent? And can any of what he states actually be proved?? This ive been told is false advertising to begin with.
    I have many years experience within the martial arts and you say that all other clubs are rubbish,can you tell me sir or madam exactly which clubs you went to that you paid £3-5 and they were useless & why they were useless
    if you are trained as good as you say you are then may i invite you to my club for a little friendly competition,(to see the difference in quality between a cheap useless class as you say and a proper club)im not talking about this nonsense ‘oooh i could have hit you then’ stuff im talking about proper sparring,i mean if you are confronted in the street are you really going to stand there n attack some1 without hitting them and say well i could have got you then,i’ve been told by many people who have been to gannons and gkr that this is the method they are trained,along with gkr where parents are not even allowed into the class 2 see who is teaching their kids or even to get an idea of what they are teaching before paying a £45 joining fee,this further annoys me.A proper martial arts class will allow parents to see the set up and allow their child to watch for a while to see if it is for them,not pay huge amounts upfront and then realise the child doesnt like it.I have also seen the grading syllabus for your club and well what can i say.I have had many parents come to my club with ex students of gannon who have achieved brown belt or higher and they just stand there feeling inadequate and not knowing what to do,when asked what they did to achieve their grade they said a couple of kicks and punches,and it is not a one off there have been plenty.And reading above people achieving their 1st dan after 2 yrs of training.Im sorry but it takes many more years than that to achieve a proper dan grade,that just goes to prove that they are banging gradings out regularly to rake in more income and that the grades people have are over rated for the standard they actually are.I have had both gannon and gkr instructors canvassing my door and speaking to me saying that you are GUARANTEED to have your first belt within 6 weeks or so,guaranteed??? so basically even if your crap and dont know what the hell your doin makes no difference at all.
    But as you sound happy enough where you are who am i to say anything more.I just know where i prefer to train if im ever confronted or asked to prove myself.

    14 Nov 2006, 21:41

  32. chris

    Dear H R if Gannon Karate is so good if they are so confident of there “product”why do they tie there students into a contract ? are they not free to come and go to try other clubs or is the money of more interest to the club ?
    If as you say “Ever heard the saying: buy cheap, buy again?” then I take it you drive around leicester looking for the dearest petrol, or do you not look for the whats best for the vehical. If your club / teacher is serious about passing on the skills of Karate and the traditions of what it stands for then your comment “everyone is in it for the money, and like every serious club, it’s a business” then YOU are miss guided and do NOT understand the meaning of the martial arts if this is what you have learnt then you indead do have a long way to go…......

    21 Nov 2006, 22:43

  33. suze

    my friend sent her little boy to paul gannon and after a few lessons he decided it wasnt for him,my friend said paul is very hypo and in your face constantly and she was given paperwork to sign etc for her son to join the club.all of a sudden she has had a demanding letter from Mr Gannon saying that she owes him around £800 and that this has to be paid even tho the boy doesnt even go as she has signed a contract,this was not mentioned at the time,probably mr gannon acting all hyperactive was a way for people to keep chatting to him to avoid them reading the small print.She has also since had pestering telephone calls from the said Mr Gannon demanding the money.
    And this is what you call a good martial arts club? i think not,and i think its disgusting that people like this are giving the martial arts such a bad name and something should be done about them.

    10 Dec 2006, 10:55

  34. M.E

    the people who r sittin there moaning all the time, desperately need 2 get a life. just b-cus some of u don’t think its that great… doesn’t reali matter at all. b-cus there r hundreds of students that have been training for years and years, that wud all disagree with u. the thing is… they are not all as sad as u and don’t come on here moaning. I think u shud just stop tryin 2 convince others that certain martial arts schools r rubbish… just b-cus u dont like them.
    U all do not know anythin about wot u r saying.
    grow up – and get a life

    14 Dec 2006, 00:08

  35. Amir Khorsan

    Paul, Mick and John Gannon have been dedicated to the martial arts for over 60 years collectively, training and networking with the world’s best. They have all competed at extremely high levels and are known amongst practically all other instructors within the Uk and some other areas of the world. They have all ran martial arts schools professionally (for a living) for at least 10 years each, and even created martial art careers for some of their dedicated students. At least 10 other martial arts schools in Leicestershire are there after being kickstarted by a Gannon. They have tested huge amounts of students to Black Belt within one of the most strict associations in the UK (where it is notoriously difficult to gain a black belt). Quite frankly, anyone on this site who is slating a Gannon should should shut the hell up. In my eyes and anyone else’s who reads this, you may be allowed to speak if you have even half the credentials they do, and if not, you are most definately not qualified, and probably so bored with your own pathetic existence that you feel the need to discredit successful people.
    If they want to charge £500 a lesson and make you sign over the deeds to your house for commitment to training, then they know best, as they have the knowledge and experience, not us meer mortals. For those of you whinging about a 6 month commitment or a £1000…....Get a life, university takes at least 3 years and costs 10 times the amount and I guarantee if you’re serious about your martial arts then it will change your life just as much as a degree if not more. I can say without hesitation that those of you criticising are not currently where you want to be in your lives.
    Also, I am sure that if “proof of the pudding be in the eating”, then step into the ring with either Mick, Paul or John and they will “educate” you.

    Hi Colin. How you doing? A baby? Has it arrived yet? Boy or Girl? How is Mrs Yates?

    I’m still running schools, living the dream, hehe. Glad to see some real positive feedback on the comments, shame some losers are spoiling it.

    Kind Regards


    27 Dec 2006, 13:29

  36. andy

    M.E you left a message complaining about ppl whingin an moaning & saying that they need to get a life,that must include you 2 cos all i seen you do was whinge and moan 2.
    And to Amir,be careful who you challenge to fight your teachers the gannons,you can get them into a hell of lot of trouble as there are a lot of good fighters out there who would wipe the floor with them,and would be more than happy to take up the challenge,so all in all you are getting yourself into deep shit by saying this.
    if you wish to pay £500 a lesson or remortgage your house lmao then feel free because there are dedicated & excellent martial arts teachers out there running great martial arts clubs that dont feel the need to rip their students off.Just because you are paying more do you think you are learning more,or getting better quality teaching? i dont think so & yes before you say anything I am a dedicated martial artist and have been since i was 9 years old,so we do have a right to say something and do know about what we are talking about.

    27 Dec 2006, 22:31

  37. andy

    bruce lee eh hahaha dont even tarnish the mans name!
    1stly learn 2 spell,and 2ndly what do u mean that if ppl dont spend £60 a month they are going to die poor & lonely? that surely is a contradiction in itself as spending more money means you will be poorer lol.
    and why does it mean we are going to be lonely? im sorry for not understanding you but it is a little backward dont you think.

    29 Dec 2006, 15:28

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