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May 16, 2005


I have been thinking of learning to play the drums for quite a while now. I figure that combined with my 3–4 karate sessions a week should provide enough therapy to keep me a happy little camper ;)

My wife has insisted that I finally get around to building the shed/minature dojo/workout room/music room if I am serious about playing the drums. She plays the keyboard and the french horn, and doesn't mind me playing my trumpet (although I haven't played for years), but the line has been drawn for playing the drums!

My first lesson is tonight, so I had better get building ;) :)

Fish, fish and more fish

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So I decided to donate my existing Juwel RIO 180 to my dad. I have had it running as a tropical tank for about 6 years now, and have been thinking of setting up a marine tank, and keeping a glorious Lion Fish, and converting the tank would have been too much hassle.

I have had to move about 8 fish tanks, complete with fish, and it never ceases to amaze me how difficult it is to catch all the little blighters ;)

Anyway, the larger ones (gouramis, plecs, small cat fish) were bagged, but the smaller ones (neons, danios, bleeding hearts, miniture puffers) all stayed in the inch of water left in the bottom of the tank. Hope they make it :(

I also finally managed to make my Dad feel old because he struggled to lift the tank (they are very heavy, particularly with twice as much gravel :)

Just gotta find a nice tank now for my lion fish :)

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