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June 03, 2005

Car drivers; should be banned from the road ;)

Why is that some car drivers still think they are faster than motorbikes?

Why, when waiting at a roundabout and they see a motorbike leaned over, indicating it is coming off at the next exit do they suddenly decide that in the fraction of a second it takes for the bike to exit the roundabout, they, in their ton of slowass metal can safely make it across?


This happened twice today! Do you have any idea how difficult it is to emergency brake when leaned over about to flip to the other side to exit the roundabout!

While I am ranting; what is the attraction of sitting in the outside lane on an empty dual carriage way? I don't get it. Why? As a rule, I never flash or undertake because it just winds the other person up and is never worth it. But when you are in a hurry and there are no right hand turns for about a mile, no other traffic that you can see and some plonker just sits in their shiny new BMW (usually) in the right hand lane refusing to move. What are you supposed to do?

Also; what is it about the typical middle aged salesman type driver who just cannot stick to their lane? They should rename *round*abouts to *straight*abouts. Again, I tend to religiously stick to my lane, and if anyone cuts me up, I tend to stick to my guns. I have only had to bang one window so far, most behave when you honk and glare :)

And inidicators! Why is it so hard to indicate? Is there a certain part of the brain that is responsible for indicating that suddenly sleeps when you get in a car? The number of times idiots just drift across lanes! Maybe 5 times in my 12 years I have come within inches of having a fatal accident because monkeys join the road I am on from a slip road without checking their shoulder as if they have right of way. Some even join and drift immediately to the outside lane, despite their being no need!


Ok, thats enough of a rant for today, and yes I realise that there are some insane motorbike riders who are just as bad, but honestly they are the exception. Stupidity, or rather laziness seems to be the norm for car drivers.

Ironically, you cannot ride a motorbike that badly because you die quickly. If you drive into someone's lane in a car, a quick swerve in a car is easy, doing the same thing on a bike requires a lot more effort and skill. There is no concept of balance in a car, on a bike it is a very different story.

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