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May 24, 2008

"The ignorance of the Western Media?

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Malaysian media: the People's Liberation Army's move into the disaster area without carrying any weapon is quite shocking to the Western Media

外媒:解放军救援装备中就是没有枪? Foreign Media: the People's Liberation Army rescue equipment does not include the gun

马来西亚《光明日报》发表评论文章说,向来对中国有偏见的西方媒体,实地采访四川赈灾时,惊讶发现到中国政府的赈灾效率以及灾民的自律,他们更惊讶的是,数万解放军进入灾区救灾,竟然没有带枪以及任何武器。 Malaysia's "Guangming Daily" comment on an article saying that, the Western media, who always have negative biased-views about the Chinese, while at the Sichuan disaster relief area, was surprised that the Chinese government's disaster relief victims are so full of self-discipline and efficiency. Yes, they are even more surprised that tens of thousands of the People's Liberation Army moving into the disaster area without taking any guns and weapons. 对我们这些炎黄子孙来说,我们永远不明白,救灾就是救灾,为什么要拿枪? For those of us Chinese people, we will never understand that why any troops in the Western countries would go into a disaster area fully armed.

文章摘录如下: The article summarized below:

距离北京奥运会不到100天,老天爷给全体中国人一个天大的考验,5月12日四川地牛震怒,死亡人数已经高达3万人,相信人数还会持续增加。 It is less than 100 days before the Beijing Olympic Games. Chinese people was given a big test, on May 12 in Sichuan, with an Earthquake. The death toll is as high as 30,000 people, I believe the number will continue to rise.

这次的灾难有一些地方值得观察,当中好几个新闻给我留下印象,其中一个新闻是说,向来对中国有偏见的西方媒体,实地采访四川赈灾时,惊讶发现到中国政府的赈灾效率以及灾民的自律,他们更惊讶的是,数万解放军进入灾区救灾,竟然没有带枪以及任何武器。 The disaster has in some places worthy of observation, of which several news has left me some good impressions. One news in particular is that the Western media was surprised to discover that China which has always been the subject of prejudice by the Western media has produced one of the world most efficient Government and how disciplined the disaster relief Victims are. However they are even more surprised that tens of thousands of the People's Liberation Army went into the disaster relief area without taking any guns and weapons.

让这些西方媒体感到惊讶的是,在许多落后国家,甚至像美国这个号称世界最民主最自由的先进国家,在发生大灾难时,军警部队进入灾区时,一定荷枪实弹,这主要是担心一些灾民会乘机作乱,进行大规模的掠夺和抢劫行动,所以,军警人员一定要荷枪实弹维持秩序。 What really gives these Western media a shock was that, in many undeveloped countries or even the United States which is the so-called free world's most advanced democratic country, in the event of a disaster, the military and police forces go into the disaster area, with arms as the forces are concerned that some victims will take the opportunity to create chaos or commit a large-scale looting and robbery. Thus, to the Western media, it makes more sense to them for heavily armed police officers to move into the disaster area in order to maintain order.

美国新奥尔良在2005年曾经发生大风灾,当时,也是因为怕暴民作乱,所以军警人员荷枪实弹进入灾区,并发生向200名国外游客的头顶开枪事件。 Sadly, it happened in New Orleans in 2005 where there was a major hurricane. Because of fear of a chaotic mob, armed uniformed personel moved into the disaster areas trying to help but unfortunately, things turned ugly and the forces ended up shooting 200 foreign tourists.

相较今天中国四川的情况,根据报导,灾民并没有担心没有获得援助引起恐慌而导致许多失序行为,比如出现大量的抢劫行动,从新闻画面上,我们可以看到灾民是相当自律的接受政府人员和人道组织的援助。 Compared to the situation in Sichuan, China today, according to reports, the victims are not worried about not receiving aids and there were not any disorders, such as massive looting operation. From the news on the screen, we can see that victims are fairly self-disciplined and accept the help from the governmental staffs and humanitarian organizations. 对我们这些炎黄子孙来说,我们永远不明白,救灾就是救灾,为什么要拿枪? For those of us Chinese people, we will never understand that why any troops in the Western countries move go into a disaster area with their weapons.

四川大地震,当地人民死伤惨重,这已经是挽不回的事实,但与此同时,中国政府的救灾效率和精神,的确在一定程度上改善人们对于中国政府的刻板印象。 It is a fact that Sichuan earthquake has caused heavy casualties. At the same time though, it has clearly proved that the high efficiency of the Chinese Government's efficiency and spirit. This to certain extent has changed some prejudice view about the Chinese government from its hardline stereotype.

灾难,也拉近了两岸人民的情感,毕竟,两岸人民都是同根生,血浓于水。 This unfortunate disaster has also narrowed the gap between the people in Taiwan and China. After all, the people on both sides are of the same origin and nobody can deny that blood is thicker than water.

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