November 15, 2004

Chris' Decision (Field Analysis)

Writing about web page

Hi guys, I thought I'd put my field analysis results up here so you can all have a look, I've no idea what I'm doing really so I hope it works; all comments are welcome!

Problem: Should Chris do a PhD?

Reasons for:

  • Get to be called Dr Chris :D; 3
  • Employers value PhD's (over experience?); 1
  • I really like maths (I know it's sick and wrong!); 5
  • Get to live like a student for 3 more years; 3
  • Can special at the same time; 3
    Total: 14

Reasons against:

  • Money it costs, and I won't be earning; 2
  • Longer wait until I get proper work experience; 3
  • Lots of decisions (specialising, which uni!); 3
  • Am I really good enough?; 4
  • Am I just delaying career choices?; 3
    Total: 15

I've just put the rest straight from my blog:

Aim of the Decision Making activity
To show how to analyse a decision by weighing up the pros and cons.

This Decision Making activity was devised by Warwick Skills

OK, i needed to decide whether to do a PhD after I finish my course at the end of next year; this is a very difficult decision as there are lots of reasons for and against.
I need to make this decision in plenty of time for next year since if i'm not gonna do a phD then what am i gonna do?! (try and get a job is suppose shudder)
So the result came out pretty close (as I expected really) and suggested that perhaps I should not do one; however i still need to do more research to decide if my reasons were valid (like job prospects for postgrad students and talk to my tutor about my abilities).
I think this technique is quite useful as it makes you quantify the different aspects of the decision I found it was easier to come up with reasons against, but my reasons for were stronger.
Hopefully I shall decide soon, I have made contingency plans if I decide not to carry on with education (i'm going to try and apply for internships this year with my soontobe sparkly new CV).

Christopher Halliday –
P.S. It took me three attempts to publish this!!!

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