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November 04, 2004

Which is better – hot chocolate or orange juice?

God, I'm so tired. I keep going to bed at about 8am and then being rudely awoken at midday by people in my halls. What do they think they're doing making noise at that time? They obviously don't give a shit about people who are trying to sleep.

Anyway, my tiredness isn't helped by the fact that my lectures are all really boring. I suppose you'll all say it's my own fault for doing Maths, but seriously, I didn't expect it to be this boring.

Well, I don't want to spend this entire entry complaining. Why don't I ramble on about something positive? Like the fact that since the 26th of October I have officially been TWENTY years old! That's right, I am no longer a teenager. I'm in my 20s! Although I have to admit, it doesn't feel that great. For a start I just don't think I'm MATURE enough to be in my 20s. I'm so childish. And I still feel like I'm about 12. Secondly, most of my birthday cards contained the phrase 'Happy Birthday Claire, now you're old'. But they're right; I AM old. Next thing I'll be in my 30s, then 40s, then 50s, then I'll be really old and practically dead. Scary thought, especially for an atheist. Everyone's an atheist nowadays. It's the fashion.

On the morning of my birthday I RAN to the post box, opened it up excitedly and found… not a single card. What a disappointment. I got some nice presents though. Including a bottle of wine called 'Old Tart' from the people in my kitchen. It's amazing how well they've got to know me in just 5 weeks!

Well, I don't want to ramble on for too long or else no one will read this entry. And I've got a stupid Foundations test tomorrow, and I think I'm supposed to revise for it or something. Actually Rich and I are supposed to be revising together, and he's supposed to be cooking me dinner, but when we got to Jack Martin he started talking to this girl he fancies on MSN and I had to go home! Charming! What a bastard, eh?

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