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July 25, 2005

Que no, que no, que nooooooooooo

Wow, a Warwick background.

Anyway, I wish to apologise for my long absence from the world of blog. I'm a lazy shit.

I'm currently in Spain with my boyfriend Miggy Mig Wig Barbie Reindeer. But most people just call him Miguel. I've soooo much to relate about life out here, but I just canīt be arsed really. I've written too many emails about it to write it all again here. One day I'll copy and paste all the info. Maybe. Well, I don't suppose you all really care much anyway. I used to think, 'what's the point of this blog, livejournal etc.. rubbish, because no one really reads it and if they do they donīt care.' But now I think itīs enough that I read it. It's like having a normal diary, except your friends can read it if they want to.

It's actually much better than having a hand-written diary because my brother can't read all my private thoughts and deface my diary like he used to. I think my mum used to read my diary too. I also think the other day she found my vibrator – she tidied my room and after the vibrator was in a different place to where I'd left left it (although it was in a bag, I didn't just leave it lying around for all to see) and later my mum made some comment, I can't even remember what it was now, that made me think, "she DEFINITELY found it."

But never mind, eh?

Doo doo doo, what to say, what to say?

Well I have nothing to say, so thatīs what Iīll say: Nothing.

Oh actually I do have something else to say. If anyone else has any hilarious yet inappropriate 'my mum found my 12 inch butt plug' or 'my mum walked in on me having a 3some with some hookers' or 'my mum walked in when I was giving the local vicar a black kiss' stories post them here for all to sympathise or say 'what the fuck is the matter with you?'

Ciao pumpkins.

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