October 21, 2004

I REALLY need to buy some nail clippers

Hello again my little friends,

A big thanks to Lucy Debuse, my new best friend (although I don't think she knows it) and the ONLY person who replied to my entry. Not that I was expecting any replies, so it was a pleasant surprise.

I'm feeling really drained at the moment. I hate Thursdays. I've had 8 hours of lectures, classes and tutorials today. I have 21 hours a week. It's not fair. Everyone else I speak to has about 5. Why did I choose Maths? Why didn't I choose Law? Then I could be studying incest and S&M (not that I'm into that kind of stuff. Well, I wouldn't mind trying out the latter, but incest is NOT my bag baby).

I also feel crappy because in the 2 hour Analysis class today I didn't manage to get any assignments done. In fact, I'm still on assignment 1 (I don't understand it) whereas everyone else seems to be on assignment 11 or thereabouts. Whoops. I HATE Analysis. It's incomprehensible shit. I may have to copy Rich's work again (but I'm NOT using you Rich, I promise!) I'm sure our supervisor Sexy Nigel wouldn't mind. Ned really fancies him (but I don't).

Talking of Ned, in Analysis today he was being really mean to me. He's such a poo head.

It's my birthday in 5 days! Ooooh, the excitement! I shall soon no longer be a teenager. I'll be in my twenties! IN MY TWENTIES! That means I'll have to be all grown-up and responsible. :( But at least it's an excuse to get drunk (not that I need one. At least this time other people will be buying the drinks for me. Can you believe that on the continent people have to buy other people drinks on their own birthday? What a joke!).

Well, I'm going to revise for the Foundations test tomorrow. And I've got much work to do because my friend J is coming to visit tomorrow and I don't want to have to be doing homework while she's here. I think I may not bother with the Analysis actually. I can't be arsed.

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  1. Dave

    Analysis gets better, don't let it get you down too much. However, Analysis III (2nd year) sucks :P

    Foundations tests are evil.

    That's about it really. bleh.

    21 Oct 2004, 22:43

  2. do u no laura peters from orpington?!

    21 Oct 2004, 23:35

  3. Hey Siobhan. Yes I do know Laura! We were in the same class at Newstead until she buggered off to Reading. We used to see each other a lot, but I haven't seen her in years now. I tried calling her over the summer, but never managed to get hold of her. She's such a sweet person. And she's the only one who ever really laughed at my crappy jokes! How do you know her?

    22 Oct 2004, 17:10

  4. A

    Work on the Analysis, no matter how crap it is. Believe me, when you get to the end of the year and you're revising for anlysis 2 you'll need analysis 1. And if you haven't got work to revise from you're screwed!!!! Everyone hates it, it's the worst module ever but it will get easier. Also if you do work hard and manage to do well on Anal1 then remember that 1 of the qu's (out of the 3, or is it 4, on the qu paper) will be on the anal2 exam which will make that exam quite a bit easier if you did it well first time round!

    28 Oct 2004, 10:53

  5. Thanks for the words of Analysis encouragement from Dave and Mr Anonamous Man, I recognise that you are correct and I must try hard, despite the fact that I hate it so. Life is so crap.

    28 Oct 2004, 23:46

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