March 22, 2010

A free trial of Soundcloud

Writing about web page

Ecstasy Inflamed by Curt

SHIT I just lost my two-hour work because of this crappy blog system. Fuck it. FUck.


Anyway, Soundcloud, one of the three contributors, is very focusing on music, rather than videos and other stuff like Fastrax. OPen for free registration and free service includes up to 2 hour length upload music. Premier has no limits and costs from 29 pounds per year, which is so much cheaper than Fatdrop! Above is my example of my own original work on Soundcloud.


I just wrote all those experience of trying that system and I lost them all. It does not matter. In short, Soundcloud provides  fast upload speed and average download and streaming speed camparing to other streaming service from myspace to spotify. No demand of plug-in or software. The advantage is simple-to-use and disadvantage is unstable. I wasted 20minutes for a breakdown of explorer because my upload is too big, 40m wave file at the first attempt.

Online streaming is forced to be in 128kps mp3 format, which garentees the smooth and save their bandwidth but the quality is barely acceptable.

Interaction is designed basically the same logic as twitter: people you follow...+groups. a combination of new and old SNS idea.


Song name/ file/ share by widget and dropbox in html code(no usership demanded, the same as myspace, not exactly as we imagine but users can modify the levels from world viewable to people you permit, a lot of techic questions here)/BPM(?!...professional...)/KEY(...this is weired. my song is from G to E, which can not be applied to the form, only one key permitted)/genre(totally customized, not designed for search, only for instruction)/ costumized instruction/pictures of design, very thoughtful.


Soundcloud is a very thoughtful designed website and focusing on music. It has good potential but problems we previously worried about are still there.

1 This is basically another Myspace. I mean the system is open for anyone and kind of encourage the myspace type of  crowds to register -- too widely open leads to

A    noise content.  people uploads repetitive, not original, or meaningless meterial there. The order is needed to be protected from the massive.

B    Newly-released singles might not be ready for public broadcast but the website potentially tend to get real hot singles into trouble by giving out to public or hacked... you know.

C    We still don't see a very satisfied solution for communication! How does a musician deliver his / her work to DJs who he/she does't know at all? On the other hand, how do professionals like DJs, editors... prevent harrasement?? Imagine a BBC editor receiving 1000 promotion messages through SOundcloud dashboard or Emails; he or she would surely give up again like what they did to CD promo. And that is the reason why I suggest We should consider more in creating a relatively closed space for labels and broadcastors. They are the people who matters.

Technology question again(for all three):

well I will create another entry for that.

I believe things above will more or less be shared by the other two.

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