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January 31, 2005


Hustings is that part of the campaign where the candidates are actively battling it out with each other for your aproval.

The candidates will each give a little speel about why you should vote for them, and then people in the audience (that's you) can ask questions on things that you feel need to be cleared up.

Hustings is split into two halves with 4 candidates speaking tonight and three candidates speaking tomorrow. Tonight hustings is in the cooler, from 6 till 9pm and the candidates for the following positions will be there:

* Education Officer

* Sports Officer

* Commercial Development & Communications Officer

* Welfare & Equal Opportunities Officer.

January 29, 2005


On the continuing theme of our election posters, have a look at this one. How lovely is my teddy bear? He is sooo huggable.

Blogging from work is not normally a good idea, it's not normally something I have time for either. However today is a slow day, and as illicit work amusements go, blogging does provide benefits…firstly, it doesn't get in the way with answering the phone, secondly it doesn't interupt with the jazz music I've got going in the background, Humphrey Lyttelton's Best of Jazz and Geoffrey Smith's Jazz Record Requests make the perfect radio for the weekend.

The Publicity

Today I'm having to take a day away from the campaign trail. The pennies must still be earnt regardless of whether it's an election period or not and so I must step back till tomorrow and head into work. Unfortunately this still doesn't provide me with any time to work on that pesky little thing that is my degree. Guess that will have to wait till sunday. Apologies to my group, I will catch up on all the work, honest.

January 28, 2005

The Rush

At 4.55pm yesterday, it was the (relative) quiet before the storm. Across candidates people stood quitely in front of noticeboards, trying to claim their space. At 5pm, Elections Group let it be known that the time had come, and bam! all hell broke loose on campus. Within what felt like seconds there was no space left on a single noticeboard across campus The elections publicity drive has begun. Lecture and Kitchen tours have also already started, and will be continuing through to the end week 5 as candidates jostle for your votes.

I think we secured some fairly good noticeboard space for my candidate, Mike Britland, who is running for FIA.

As I said yesterday, I'm fairly pleased with how our posters turned out. Here is the first of them, keep your eye out for them in a Union near you.

January 27, 2005


Well, tomorrow is the day that publicity can start. As of 5pm tomorrow, every available space in the university is going to be covered wih posters, slogans and improbably promises.

We finished making our posters this morning, and they will be winging there way over to lazer lizard for printing as we speak. I'm quite happy with how the posters have turned out, hopefully the voting population will also like them.

I'm really enjoying the whole Union democracy thing, and have been termed a 'hackling' by friends now that I'm spending far too much time in Union north.

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