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March 23, 2005


Yes I know I should be working. But I'm really not in the right frame of mind for it at the moment.

For lack of any other forms of procrastination, I've returned to my old favourite of blog surfing.

Technically, seing as I've subscribed to the rss feeds for all my blogs, i don't need to go blog surfing anymore, as a handy 'ping' lets me know when something new is there for me to devour. But it seems that this systems is not entirely perfect, having seen a post on the particular blog in the evening and not been notified about it till the next morning. How long have other things been available before I knew about it. Of course, blog surfing is not just about keeping up to date with the people you normally read, it's about link jumping as well. Finding links within links, connections between blogs. Finding that this new and exciting blog you've just stumbled across is actually on the blog roll of your friends already is a bit disheartening, so you've got to go out there, and be proactive.

It's not really about avoiding work at all.

(Oh for god's sake, someone give me a willpower pill)


Writing about web page

This is very addictive. So far I have a high score of 1126, although a friend has managed to achieve 2025. Any advances?

Procrastination, such an ugly word

Sunday in Prague

85 steps! 85 steps from the bottom of the hostel up to our room. Strangely enough it's the last five steps that somehow seem worse than all the other combined. I blame the high ceilings that are in all the rooms.

Today has been a good, but tiring day.A tour of the 'castle' in the morning, followed by shop walking, dinner and night time photography has meant that virtually the entire day was spent on foot. Unfortunately the castle tour could have been a lot more exciting; our guide, yellow umbrella woman (yuw), was not the most riviting speaker in the world, and the sudden appearance of snow made us very vcold. At one point while we were 'listening' (ish) to yuw we caught sight of a hot dog and mulled wine stand. This lead to us sidling away from the group tour, like naughty school children, in favour of warm food.

An afternoon's shopping lead to the purchase of glove mittens (half fingerless gloves, half mittens) and a hat, as well as the confirmation that men have a terrible sense of direction and won't admit it.

Before we set out for the castle this morning, a few of us paid a visit to one of the loval churches. A beautiful structure, architectually very impressive, but somehow it was sad to see that the no of worshippers for a sunday morning service was still almost outmatched by tourists. Possibly not as bad however as the basilica at the castle which was filled with hundreds of tourists and probably not a single worshipper.

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