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February 10, 2005


Follow-up to woe is me from Merialc : Life in Reverse

Why, when making books, do publishers think it's a good idea to have the book being just slightly larger than A4? So that when you photocopy said book it misses off the bottom line or two? The very lines containing the equations that you need?

woe is me

I went on to campus today, all the way from leamington, in the pissing rain, to go to the library. I was therefore slightly annoyed when I realised that I'd left my library card at home. The nice lady behind the desk let me in though, explaining that I only had a reference pass and would therefore be unable to take any books out. Not a problem, I thought, the book I wanted was scurried away in the SRC anyway and considering my bad memory I didn't want to risk the fines involved with taking it out anyway.

I found the book with suprising ease, considering that this was only the second time I had ever been in the SRC (the first time being when I went to find a book, which wasn't there). Securing myself a photocopier, and getting myself all organised I then find that I don't have my photocopying card either. It's in the same coat pocket as my library card, 10 miles away from where I stood staring at the photocopier.


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