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February 07, 2005


Well, tomorrow is the day that publicity can start. As of 5pm tomorrow, every available space in the university is going to be covered wih posters, slogans and improbably promises.

We finished making our posters this morning, and they will be winging there way over to lazer lizard for printing as we speak. I'm quite happy with how the posters have turned out, hopefully the voting population will also like them.

I'm really enjoying the whole Union democracy thing, and have been termed a 'hackling' by friends now that I'm spending far too much time in Union north.


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anti valentines day logo
February. Urgh.

I still haven't managed to get used to the fact that it's 2005 yet, and now we're nearly in the middle of february. That can't be good. And it's nearly valentine's day.

I reserve the right to lock myself in my room with vast quantities of chocolate and alcohol when that day actually arrives. Apologies in advance for any incoherent ramblings from me at that point.

Interim Blog

The campaing is now over so normal blogging shall resume. For the time being I shall be blogging here at warwick blogs, as my web host has vanished into the ether and left me temporarily homeless. So, while I search out a new host, here I am.

…And Relax

The Elections Party on saturday was a chance for the candidates, successful or not, to blow off some steam. There were some very emotional scenes as people realised that they had or hadn't won. One of the most emotional people there was our current president having to cope with the fact that the Union, which is now his baby, is being passed on to someone else.

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