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March 03, 2005

Like a kid in a candy shop…

If I was magically gifted a vast quantity of money but could only spend it in one shop, it would have to be a book shop.

Walking over to the engineering department today, I decided that it would be warmer to walk through the arts centre, however, doing so took me past a window with that fateful sign in it: "Book sale, 20% off".

Spoilt for choice.

Wandering down the isle, I decided to see if they had "The Salmon of Doubt" by Douglas Adams. I've been after it for a while, and a friend reminded me of it again recently. Two copies on the shelf. Randomly, I picked one of the two. Walking towads the till I look down at the price…"DAMAGED!" It said on the label. And it had two pounds taken off the price. The damage consisted of a slight dent in the cover. And I still got 20% off. Bargain.

So, by randomly walking into the bookshop, I actually saved money. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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