April 18, 2005

Double Blogging

Keeping up two blogs at once has just not been happening. Too much to do, too little time.

So, farewell Warwick Blogs. I did like my stay here, but I value my own space far too much for us ever to be more than friends.

April 02, 2005

The return of Merialc.com …

My 'real' website is now back up and running. For the time being I'm probably going to post silmultaneously on the two blogs, but if things round here go quiet, you know where I've gone.

April 01, 2005


Having just won the blogging charades baton from Singing Semele it's now my turn to terrify you with my terrible drawings.


Number of words: 4

This should be an easy one. Hopefully.

March 31, 2005


K and I went to see Constantine the other day. I really enjoyed it. Think Dogma, but darker. John Constantine can see things that other people can't, he's been to hell and back. Now he spends his life battling the things that normal people can't, trying to win his way into God's good books.

For me it had just the right balance between seriousness and humour (well, for a given definition of the word serious anyway) and I would certainly watch it again.

Hmmm…I'm not great at reviewing movies am I?

March 30, 2005

Snippets of my life

In the car on the way home from the shops:

Mum: What? [to me giggling]
Me: Did you just see that van?
Mum: No. What about it?
Me: It had windscreen wipers on the back.
Mum: So?
Me: It didn't have any rear windows.

The van, a white one of course, had two big arcs of clean white paint across the back of an otherwise dirty van.

March 29, 2005


I love it when a hair cut goes well. It provides much in the way of happy vibes.

I would obviously show you all a picture of my smashing new do, but although I brought my camera home with me, I neglected to remember to bring the cable that attaches it to the computer; so photos must unfortunately wait. I know you're all desperate for photos of me, but I'm sure you'll cope. Just for a little bit longer anyway. ;)

This was the official pointless blogpost for the day.

March 28, 2005


The good old LP. I love listening to my dad's LP's when I come home to visit. There's something very familiar about playing board games with my parents while listening to music my dad bought when he was young. It's even better considering that my dad has very good taste in music: Paul Simon, Elton John, Queen and the Beatles feature heavily in the playlist, alongside all the jazz greats like Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, Glen Miller.. have you spotted whose musical taste I take after yet?

March 25, 2005

Love at first sight

The King Stone

Love at first sight. Not something I used to believe in, but you know that feeling you get when everything just clicks? A slight rush, like a natural high, but at the same time a deep feeling of calm. The knowledge that it is just right. I've definately fallen.

Yesterday I went to visit the Rollwright Stones in oxfordshire, and I fell for them as soon as I stepped through the gate. (What? You thought I was talking about a person? ;) 'Fraid I don't fall quite that easily) The Rollrights definately have an aura about them, a feeling of power which you certainly don't get at stonehenge. Of course this may have been amplified by the fact that I had the entire place to myself for the majority of the time I was there, something which doesn't happen very often at most historic sites.

All in all, I had a really great afternoon yesterday. Bombing around the english countryside, windows down, music up, glorious sunshine. After dropping some visiting friends back to oxford, I went first to Minster Lovell Hall and then to the Rollright stones, took many many photos (note to self: buy a bigger memory card) and had some very relaxing me time.

To top the day off, while I was driving home, I had a gorgeous sunset on my left, a virtually full moon on my right, and a quite spectacular rainbow spanning across the countryside.

More photos can, as usual, be seen at flickr.

March 23, 2005


Yes I know I should be working. But I'm really not in the right frame of mind for it at the moment.

For lack of any other forms of procrastination, I've returned to my old favourite of blog surfing.

Technically, seing as I've subscribed to the rss feeds for all my blogs, i don't need to go blog surfing anymore, as a handy 'ping' lets me know when something new is there for me to devour. But it seems that this systems is not entirely perfect, having seen a post on the particular blog in the evening and not been notified about it till the next morning. How long have other things been available before I knew about it. Of course, blog surfing is not just about keeping up to date with the people you normally read, it's about link jumping as well. Finding links within links, connections between blogs. Finding that this new and exciting blog you've just stumbled across is actually on the blog roll of your friends already is a bit disheartening, so you've got to go out there, and be proactive.

It's not really about avoiding work at all.

(Oh for god's sake, someone give me a willpower pill)


Writing about web page http://www.columbia.edu/~chc18/gridgame.swf

This is very addictive. So far I have a high score of 1126, although a friend has managed to achieve 2025. Any advances?

Procrastination, such an ugly word

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