October 17, 2011

Task B – Reflections on my PP1 Experience

Whilst on PP1 I had the opportunity to read to a Year One class. The text was “On the Way Home” by Jill Murphy and the teacher had selected this book for shared reading. The children were sat in the carpet facing me, and I tried to engage the children by using eye contact and expression; changing my voice for different characters and emphasising key words. I was nervous to begin with, but it became a more enjoyable experience for myself a couple of pages into the text. I think the children enjoyed the book too, as they began joining in with the repetitive parts of the story. For next time I need to work on projecting my voice and appearing more confident.

Task A – A Reading Autobiography

I remember learning to read high frequency words in Reception. Each week were given a little tin of cards to take home and practice. I remember my mother helping me to learn these words. Then at school we’d be called up to the teacher’s desk and she would test us on them. If we did well, we’d be given a new set of words to add to our tin to take home and practice. Once the teacher felt that we had a good understanding and recognition of the high frequency words, she would let us begin to take a different reading book home every week. These were the books with Biff, Chip and Kipper in. I’d practice these books at home with my mother and she’d record what I’d read in my reading diary, and then sometimes the teacher or the T.A. would hear me read at school.
Some key texts that I remember really enjoying reading as a child are “We’re going on a Bear Hunt,” “The Tiger who came for tea,” “Spot the dog,” and anything by Roald Dahl. However, my most favourite book as a child was “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe,” which I read when I was about 8 years old. It really captured my imagination.
Recently I have enjoyed reading some of Dan Brown’s books, particularly “Da Vinci Code.” I also like classics such as Austin’s “Pride and Prejudice,” and also some French literature that I read for my degree, for example “Indiana” by George Sand. What I read largely depends on how much time I have and the genre of the text. I usually select books that are either nineteenth century classics or more modern mystery novels.

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