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December 04, 2005

Keeping people busy, focused and effective

Glancing in front of his desk he could see a monitor, dark, and a slight shadow covering the whole desk created by light coming from a small window in the top left corner. It was the only sign for him to estimate the current time of the day. The room with its clear monotonous white colour and occasionally occurring pictures emphasised this continuous and steady look. A shelf that ranged from the floor to the ceiling exactly spaced for 15 folders in each of the seven rows. Not to attract any attention the wall shaded off into a fine nuance of grey of the cupboard in the back fitting its function of hiding documents from the last couple of years perfectly. Everything seemed to be very sterile. Every single element was necessary and destined to be there.

A man worked in this unfriendly acting environment. Like thousands others he concentrated on his daily routine like an ant in a society where everyone has its determination and place in the circle of life and in the circle of the company respectively. Sitting there, sometimes communicating with others via phone calls he started to work 8 o'clock in the morning, with a break he finished at 6pm.

Always. From Monday till Friday. Daily routine. Borrowed to death. In the little room. Just one brick of the company's foundation.

He followed strict rules that were given to him. Could it be the meaning of the rest of his life: working like a machine?

The company as the system to control, to manipulate and to motivate their "craft-workers" knew to give their employees inspiration and different new paths to follow. The individual mind has always been starting to act like that after a certain amount of time. To push away their lack of self-confidence the company had to make them remember that they were a value that is overall respected. To convince employees promotion was an adequate tool to gain this awareness and to provide balance to the system.

Encouraged to go on with his work as before he could then get in a different position. Satisfaction could be achieved and he went back to work as before and got back to daily routine. The company often used this method to keep employees efficient at work. Just at the first glance one could get the impression of an unhealthy and horrible atmosphere for people to stay all day. When you have a closer look at it you see employees who knew why they were kept highly motivated. And there was a smile in his face, there was so much to think about.

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