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November 26, 2005

Short Story 1

Short Story – A Distanced Relationship in Modern Times

Tears rolled from her eyes when I had a brief glance at my watch realising how late it has become.

A hard-sounding voice occurred through several megaphones:

“Please attention: last call for flight 437 to Hamburg, all passengers get immediately to the corresponding gates; last call for flight 437 to Hamburg, all passengers get immediately to the corresponding”.

Looking at her soft and shining face, my girlfriend Jessika could barely smile or even say a word. Overwhelmed with recent impressions she could not think of leaving the island that seemed to imprison me and not knowing when we would see each other next time.

“Come with me”, she said. But I didn’t respond to that.

Instead, I tried to talk to her, I tried to make her feel better, and I tried to give her something to think about but moving away from me. Useless. I tried to get a smile out of her face; I tried to behave funny in making some mimics she always laughed about. Useless again. I tried several times. Useless at all.
It seemed to me as if the outcome of this was just the opposite I intended to do. Strange in the whole.

At that moment a group of travellers arrived, ready for take off. I looked at their faces and their behaviour. They were happy, I guessed. As a result, the atmosphere between Jessika and me became distanced and I knew what to do next.

I kissed and hugged her long and intensively while whispering:

“I will leave right now, please call me after your arrival, I miss you so much.”

She got rid of the remaining tears on her cheeks that were nearly dry. I saw her bright shining voluminous green eyes moving away from me directly heading to her bags. Then she said:

“Okay, I’ll let you know, I miss you, too.”

I was happy when I received these wonderful sounding words coming from her inside and just expressed by letting them through her lips looking red like an ever-growing flower and always able to express her current mood. I realised to cause her pain in leaving so abruptly. She really seemed to be left alone and said although I ‘m the one who stayed on the island and is not getting back home.

When I left the airport I was as pleased as Punch. It was the right decision I said to myself. She didn’t know that I would get back to her a few days from now.

“Tears will role from her eyes again”, I smiled benignly and headed back to my car.

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