November 21, 2004

Kenna – amazing!

5 out of 5 stars

This is probably one of my fav. albums atm. The CD is electronica based(which is probably the most progressive genres happening atm), with hits of rock ('Red Man') and pop ('Freetime'), and the odd acoustic song ('Yeneh Ababa [Rose]') . The music video for the song 'freetime' cleverly tells a story by just showing peoples feet/shoes, which sounds crazy but works really well.

Overall, great album, and i can't wait to for Kenna's next album

Half–Life 2

Wow! What a game! More physics than you can shake a stick at. However, the story line is an absolute piece of *~&^, esp. the Nexus building piece, which was like they thought 'well, atm, we only have 3/4 of a game. What would happen if we stick this massive, confusing, GPU hungry section to fill it up?'

No doubt that the graphics, physics, realistic face system etc is amazing, however, the majority of the the time the problem/puzzle solving element of the game, which was so fundamental in the 1st episode, was lame, dull and boring in the 2nd, with the answers to the problems just screaming themselves to you after <10 seconds of looking around. I got very bored on the see-saw problems after the first one, as it seemed to me that they only included them to show off the physics engine.

Just my 20 pence worth..

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  • Those feet sure are crazy Clive. Keep on electronica–ing it up. Happening by on this entry

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