April 24, 2005

Who will be our next leader?

Robson, Cantona, Keane, who's next?
We've had a great tradition of having ultra-influential leaders, that's why we were so successful in the 90s. They are all players who will fight with determination and passion till the very last second in a match, bad-tempered but can be relied on by their team-mates. People have been tipping Ferdinand will success Keane as our new leader. He's no more than a persistent world-class defender, but not a born-leader. Reason? He's too rational.
Now, Sir Alex Ferguson, at the age of 63, who do you think will be able to bring the Red Devils out of this slip and prove to others that we are not another Liverpool?
Tell us, please.

April 23, 2005

Incorrect is correct?

We can't expect our interpretations and decisions to be correct all the time, can we?
Just do the job, ignore what the outcome will be, provided that will not be fatal, we can't be right at all time, I believe.


The English people are very proud of themselves being themselves. They believe the Americans are only English-speaking people but they don't speak true English. It is in fact very common that the Europeans all love their own countries, their languages, their cultures and, though short but exciting, their history; true love is what I'm talking about. Yet they still behave rationally to any failures of their nations, acknowledging their weaknesses and striving to improve them in the future, without single-mindedly support every policies put forward by the government. There are times when they lose confidence in their countries, but not their faith. I feel a greater sense of belonging to this country, islandic England, or Britain to be precise, than what I could feel in Hong Kong, honestly. It's a misfortune to my parents that I have such a passion about this country but not China (Hong Kong is, according to the Basic Law, not a country on its own, though it's meant to be 'different and distinguished' from China). However I believe this is one of the ideas which urged them to let me come to this place, that is to develop me under the elite British's nurture. I feel sad about not regarding myself as a Chinese nationally (ethnically I am), but I am truly jealous of the people around me who have thier own countries to which they belong.

If I could choose, I'd like to be an ordinary European with a simple mind and simple life.

April 20, 2005


I don't know what happened to me these days, I just feel I'm living with hopes and joy. I believe one of the reason is that I'm not working from eight to six everyday, but studying from 9 to 6 instead. I know why working experience is so important now, it not only tells you that you are still a very incompetent individual in this society, but also tells you that you need to treasure your time as a student, and you should enjoy every moment of it, have fun with study. Now, it's the next 10 weeks which is vacation instead of the last five weeks.

I wasn't brave enough to do it last year…rubbish. Did you know it? But, I do miss it…

April 19, 2005

The feeling is a bit…familiar

Happy Monday, it's Andy Mason's time again, which is always a relief to me. At least I can feel pain free for several hours.
Yet, the happiest thing is not that, but a chat with an old friend(my friend is still young, and we've known each other for about 3 years only; but compared with my new friends then…). I've not talked so much for a long time, and I really felt comfortable during the two hours.


April 16, 2005

Envy my Secondary Schoolmates?

Honestly, I did.
I am working really hard from the bottom class of this country, being classified as 'ethnic minority'. Of course this is the fact, according to the definition of ethnic minority here. My friends? They are all doing well in Hong Kong, getting plenty of chances in the top Universities there, without having to bend their knees in front of others. They are probably the best ones in Hong Kong, at least many other students think so. Me? I'm working hard in a not-so-famous University to Hong Kong people, striving to prove my worthiness to this University. How unfair this World is? Injustice arises when the equals are treated unequally, and the unequals are treated equally.
I appreciate this chance to be abroad on my own, for four years, not three. I am sure I will be in this country, or this continent at least for a reasonably long time, with sincerity ,joy and (back)pain, finely establish myself into an actuary. Knowledge won't come to you, you have to go and catch it.

April 15, 2005

A moment is enough

It's brilliant…

April 14, 2005

I've never been that happy for long

I'm serious, this morning was probably the best moment I've had since early March. However such a moment only last for a while, and it wasn't reality(the reality is such a moment is highly unlikely to happen). It's a pity.
I must admit that something(somebody) is still irreplaceable, no matter what happened to me, it's still the only magic which has significant influence to me.
Looking forward to a new term, and a new time.

April 10, 2005


After six days of work, six days of getting up at 7, it's finally the time to have a rest.
Yesterday my body signalled to me that I need a thorough rest, with severe headache and backache (as usual) coming at the same time. It's not easy to live with them, but it seems that it's more difficiult to live without them already. They've probably become part of my life, they' re with me whenever I'm working hard on my study and chatting relaxing with my friends on MSN/ICQ. They are sharing my ups and downs, in a not very elegant way though.
I'll come back refreshed on Wednesday. See you everybody, have fun!

April 07, 2005

A quote from my friend

事至無悔而止矣, 成可不必也.

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