August 07, 2005

Goodbye, grand–father!

The last ten days were absolutely unforgettable – watching somebody dying is tough and difficult, especially if he is a relative of yours.

I was of course deeply saddened with my grandad's death, although there was no tears in my eyes. He was the one who loved me deepest besides my parents, and I could feel it from his never-been-happier smiles each time I saw him. I understand he had been struggling to wait for me to return from England, perhaps I was one of those whom he wanted to see before he left, before he bravely walked through the last part of his eighty-two-year-long journey after suffering from severe sicknesses.

May you rest in peace. When you meet great-grandad, tell him you have had a proudly-lived life.

July 23, 2005

把孩子送出去 – 陶傑

I have no intention to use Mr Tsao's passage for any commercial purpose, but for personal use only. If in any way have I breached the Law of Hong Kong, I will be pleased to delete this entry permanently and apologise to anyone who is concerned.
Source: 蘋果日報 11/2/05





眼前這個兒子,長得比自己還高了一個頭,你不認得他了。如果有那麼大的代溝,那麼恭喜你,你的兒子真的變了,但是,Come on,這就是送他去外國讀書的宗旨。





I would like to devote my sincere thank to my parents, for their love.

July 19, 2005

Beautiful is the word

Beautiful is the word, not only for you, but also for tonight, however nasty the weather was.

I have been very lazy meeting my old friends since I have been back, and now I know about it. I will be brave and enthusiatic about things I care for, instead of doing the unrealistic dreaming.

Be reminded that you have been and, certainly, will always be one of my best friends. All the best, to both of us.

June 21, 2005

Bugs Bunny…

Coming in September…

June 20, 2005

Thank you!

Thank you very much for your words. I was very much surprised by that, yet I feel very warm and delighted.
Have a nice (and lovely) summer and see you again very soon. Take care!

May 21, 2005

I make this exception for United

I understand that I said I won't write until my back has recovered. Yet the feeling is so strong that I can't find any other way to express it.
I make this exception for United.

We have had a frustrating campaign. Lots of goaless matches costed us the Premiership title, lack of quality back up players in the midfield made us fall behind Chelsea and Arsenal, and a season-long-unfit striker in the front broke our hearts again and again.
It has been disappointing for a whole year, and so was the last 120 mins. All United fans have been suffering from Glazer's takeover, and at last we even handed the FA Cup to Arsenal so easily.
I believe it's time for our young players as well as the veterans in our squad to learn that one must pay his price for not picking up the chances he has had. This year, we are passers-by to the silverware…but everyone should have realised that our young players are establishing their roles in the team, and I expect another ten years of Golden Era are coming.

Congratulations to Arsenal and their fans, and to everyone who enjoyed the most spectacular 120mins of Utd Football in years, gratefully.

April 29, 2005

I'm sad to tell you this

I'm not going to blog anything here in the near future, partly due to my coming exams, but mainly because of my chronic back(and neck) pain from which I'm suffering.
Under normal circumstances, I'll even refrain myself using computer, which means that all my dearest friends, as well as my acquaintances, will not see me online on neither MSN nor ICQ. If you do see me online, that'll be an 'abnormal situation', but you do not have to be scared.
I'm only 19 years old, but I'm already suffering from the severe pain at my neck which generally only the aged will get. I believe none of you will be able to comprehend this 'damnation', and I don't want to see any of you get it. I'm writing this entry under constant pain, and I'm striving to have it completely removed from my life. I hope the next time I blog it, which I believe will not be in two months time, I'll tell you that I'm recovering. By then, I'll open a new category, with its name to be confirmed.

Good luck to you all!
And Good luck to me as well!

April 27, 2005

Who was it about?

Was that me? I'd be very glad if that was me, though I believe it isn't the truth.

April 24, 2005


Are you alright? I've full faith in your abilities to handle it and I believe you can come back to normal very soon.
Still, I'm always here to share with you when you need somebody to talk to.


At 17:00, I was thinking: 'Why do I spend 50 pounds to come here and watch 11 individual players who played as if they were alone? And who was the training coach responsible for field passing? Please, fire him!'
Being at Old Trafford once again is exciting, especially on my own. It took me 6 hours in total to travel between Manchester and Warwick. It's exhasting and boring, though I'd Chris Patten's book to keep me occupied.
I wasn't sure about United's chances to win this match, especially without Scholes and Gary Neville. Everybody was disappointed after the first half, after witnessing our once-again below par offence and Tim Howard's latest blunder. There was a big contrast between United and Magpies' supporters' reactions after Ambrose took the greatest advantage of our keeper's mistake – silence in stands other than the visitors' in the stadium after the goal.
Yet, the true story came after the interval. 30 seconds after the break, we've had a header from Giggs. The whole team seemed to have changed completely, with obviously more confidence in passing the ball and moving it forward. Although it was clear that we need somebody else to help ease the pressure of Ronaldo, who had been the spark of the second half; otherwise it would be too easy for Managers of slightly higher calibre than Graeme Souness to spot our weakness – once Ronaldo is 'frozen', we've no support for our strikers at all.
And Wayne Rooney, once again proved that he played better as a striker and without Ruud Van Nistelrooy, made a spectacular strike to pull us level with Newcastle. That goal, which is described by the press as 'contender for goal of the season', was one of the sweetest and accurate volley I've seen from all in red shirts. He is the one – our saviour; I believe he has the potential to succeed Roy Keane to be our captain ( but not his position, we still need a replacement, or possibly replacements, in the midfield if we are to contend for the Premiership Champion next season), and nobody will have much doubt about this.
Wes Brown's winning goal was long expected after the equaliser, the interesting thing being it was from our decent centre back.
Watching such a match with a crowd of 67,500 in a beautiful day is already a treasure for a student from Hong Kong. Witnessing the true magic of football and two of the most talented youngsters playing on the ground made me feel ashame of the so-called football I watched in-person at my home city on one hand and proud of being a Man Utd supporter on the other.
Of course, we still demand more from the team. Please, don't let us down again.

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