August 03, 2006

The person who predicted the future

Follow-up to 5 times? Sorry, it's 1:0 for today from Maxilian's Workshop

Who was the person who thought United should get rid of Ruud Van Nistelrooy? Who was it who thought that he was too immobile that he didn't create enough space for his team–mates? I am not answering them…we know the answer.

With RVN, 20+ goals are guaranteed each season, but the goals only go to his pocket and he only scores against the bottom–table teams – as I said, he is always invisible in the big games.

He relies very much on the supply from his team–mates and thus, unsurprisingly, he had a lot of chances when the average midfields we had (John O'Shea + Darren Fletcher) dominates the possession for the Reds against the likes of West Brom and Charlton. When there are some more competitive players such as Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard in the opposite side, the possession is ususally with the opponents and everyone, including RVN, should try their very best to compete and help protect their treasurous possession to create chances. This is why Louis Saha was preferred to RVN in the second half of the season – Saha was more energetic and he made a lot of runs to help distract the defenders from his team–mates, bringing in more spaces for them to attack. Rooney benefitted, C.Ronaldo benefited and even Ryan Giggs and John O'Shea benefited. Their are more points of attack on our side now, instead of focusing on feeding every single ball to RVN's feet and let him fight alone.

Of course, with the pricey (and unproven) Michael Carrick, and possibly another signing soon, we would expect the class of Rooney and C.Ronaldo to emerge as superstars, possibly at the expense of United's Championship hope again (as we are still a long way from Chelsea, to be very honest).

January 29, 2006

Love – from everybody

This post should have been posted on Thursdays 26/1/06, but I was too sick to type it…
I was very sick, I believe I caught a cold at night as I was working too hard for metric spaces (till 3am). I was coughing the whole day and felt that my eyes and bones were burning while my body felt cold and tired. I just wanted to sleep but I still went to all the lectures on that day.
However, it has been proven to be detrimental to my body, as I began to have a high temperature in the afternoon and slept through two of the three lectures. Many people around me told me to go home – they were caring about me. Yet I disappointed them as I was so stubborn that I insisted on staying on campus until the filmsoc exec meeting and the Deloitte. It was that I had to be there, as I am the treasurer of the society. It is part of my responsibility to help run the cinema, and as long as I'm not doing anything which threatens my life, I'll stay until my job is done. I hope everyone will understand me.
I just want to thank all the people who took care of me on that day, the love and care I received was tremendous and you made me feel very warm and touched. Thanks to all of you. One day you need to be taken care of, I'll be there, trust me.

January 23, 2006

5 times? Sorry, it's 1:0 for today

'5 times', 'Sold to USA', 'Where were you in Istanbul?', 'We are the champions, champions of Europe'...
For the whole after, these 'slogans' were flying around Old Trafford, the home ground to Manchester United. We, the United supporters, were silenced for 89minutes and did not even bothered to have a fight, as we were tactically outfought by the visitors on the pitch. Yet…3 points is 3 points, we won the game at last, with the great header from our £29.1m defender Rio Ferdinand. He and Wes Brown were phenomenal in the match, together with Patrice Evra and Gary Neville, they defended the United goal with iron nerves. It is of course worth mentioned that Ruud Vanistelrooy and John O'Shea were invisible throughout the match and should be got rid of from the squad.
Anyway, a very exciting afternoon ending with lots of songs and dances. Sitting so close to the Liverpool fans brought me some new insights into counter-attacking humiliations – with joy!!!
'1–0!!!!' 'United!!!' 'Relax, we've just scored!!!'

And, this weekend…

I'm sorry for being mad and over-worrying and insensitive. I should have considered your feelings before I do anything. I'm sorry for making you sad. I believe you've had a bad impression about me after this and I hope you know that's the real me, I'm not hiding and not going to hide any of my feelings from you. I'm glad that you are telling your stories as well, after an intriguing introduction and preface. I'm looking forward to listening to them and should I be given the chance, I'd love to finish the book with you.

January 01, 2006

Year 2006

World Peace? No Famine? Fair Trade?
Well they are ideal, but not realistic enough to be New Year's hopes, just leave them to the politicians (or to President Bush, to be precise…)
On an individual level, the beginning of 2006 may only mean a year(2005) of hard work has vanished and another year of even more hard work is coming. So do you think I want the new year to come? Trust me, I do.
It was a great month before the term ended, lots of exciting moments to be recalled, and lots of tests were held(or hell?). It was the most busy term since I had been to Warwick, a truly fruitful one which I believe I learned a lot from it. The WSC complications, the 6-module timetable, the House 'soap' and the end-of-term drama. I believe there's still a lot going to happen during my seem-so-long-yet-so-short time at Warwick, and no matter what the outcomes these experiences will be, I'll have a lot to learn.
Right now, nothing is certain to me but one – wish me and my friends and their loved ones a Happy New Year, especially to you lovely.

December 07, 2005

Don't you study onboard???

This is a difficult time. Why? I can't do anything now, otherwise I may risk losing everything.
However, I enjoy the time being. I am pleased to be cared and to care about you. I have to be very brave to take the next step but I'm not doing anything until it is time to do so. I learnt from past experience that there may not be any need to rush things through at the moment.
I wish you a good time at home with your family, sincerely.
See you in dreams sweetie.

November 16, 2005

I'm very pleased

I'm once again surprised by this person, a person who's so far away and yet we are so close. I'm glad that you care about me, and that you worried about me.
I' sorry that I've not been with you for so long, I'm sorry that I'm so weak when you might need help. I'm sorry that I made you worry about me, a person who is also so young to you.
Thank you for you care, really really thank you.
All the best to you.


September 09, 2005

There's not necessarily a beginning

It has not even started yet, if it could have started, and now it has already finished.

Anyway, a very nice time over the last two weeks, no matter what happens next.

August 31, 2005

Seroiusly, I'm a coward.

I realised that I am a complete coward – less than 2 feet away, my cowardness outweighed my courage, which was already non-existent, and left me in such a sloppy ground now. I would say, it was a very big blunder, an extremely embarassing one, and shameful.

In the foreseeable future, I do not think I will be able to come any closer to a position than the one I am in now.

It was indeed a day with a series of unfortunate events to me, very very unfortunate.

August 12, 2005

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Thank you for spending a night with me, not only watched a very decent Johnny Depp movie, but also taught me the little things…(I can only remember 3 things: sweater, tempo, umbrella and? remind me…)

Don't worry too much about your future, just, be optimistic and fight!

Thank you Minnie.

August 10, 2005

An enjoyable night, with sweety you

Finally, I can meet you before I head back to England. Though you were a bit late, I can grant you extra patience for that, for having dinner with you is a great event to me. Your lateness are completely forgivable…

A sweet voice, a sweet face and a sweet character. You are simply a sweet person, believe me or not.
Shall I have diabetus because of your sweetness, I have no regrets.

All the best to you.

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