February 08, 2005

The birds on campus

During my time on campus it has often bothered me that the birds here constantly seem to be singing. in first year i took it as a sign that i was going to bed too late, but now i think there is something more sinister than that.

a possibility is that it is the mamouth amount of electric lights around campus that trick the birds into thinking its daylight and so they should be up and singing. however i feel there is a better explanation. i think that the univeresity has a tape of birdsong which it plays on repeat most hours of the day.

the obvious motivation for this is that it makes campus dwellers happier as they think it is spring and conjures up images of being in the countryside/on holiday etc thus making us more productive workers and hence better for the university.

still, not convinced. lets look at the evidence

  1. the birds sing at strange times of the day (night) which is especially abnormal in winter (anyone else heard them at 1am?)
  2. you can never see the bird that is singing
  3. when i lived in westwood i was sure that the bird i could hear was singing velouria by the pixies over and over

so there we have it, i have unearthed another one of the unis plans to make warwick students the most efficient in the world.
the only question that remains is will they introduce this in singapore?

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