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September 14, 2005

The art of blogging…

Right, the art of blogging. Now here's one to ponder, what are the rules of blogging?

Should blogging be spontaneous? Should it be planned in advance? Should you only blog the things that you want people to know or should you blog everything and let people see what you really are? (Yes this article really is a rip-off of the conversation in the comments of the article below but hey…I'm sure I can expand on it.

I'm sure I could drone on for a while trying to answer the question of "what is the point of blogging?". There are many answers that many people will give, but I suppose that it boils down to one thing, wanting to have people read about your thoughts, observations and actions and comment on them. But why do people want to have people comment on their articles? To prove how funny / interlectual / observant or whatever else they are? I suppose it differs from person to person.

Anyway, this article is not "why blog?"'s "how blog?" What are the rules of blogging?(and I write this mainly for my own benefit because I don't blog all that much and I'm not up on the latest blogging etiquette.)

The Questions

1. Should blogging be spontaneous or should it be planned?
2. To blog everything or not to blog everything?

The Answers (as I see them)

1. Surely blogging should be a spontaneous thing? I do know people that comment on if they miss a day of blogging, but surely if you didn't blog then you couldn't think of something worth blogging…or you were doing something sooooo interesting it'll make good reading in a later blog? The only reason to adhere to a rigid schedule is if you are being paid to blog or something? Could be a nice gig if you have a life that's interesting enough to manage that…

2. Not sure where to stand on this one, I can see both points of view, though personally I prefer to only blog what I want people to see, causes less problems this way, although I admire the courage of some people who are brave enough to post everything and let people judge them for what they are, though in my opinion it can seem like seeking sympathy in some cases although it may not be what they intended. Another sub-question is whether or not to flame bait, should articles that you will provoke a strong reaction be posted just to gain a reaction, I suppose it depends on the seriousness of the material in the end, it's down to personal judgement in the end, where to draw the line between humourous / stimulating conversation and the plain offensive (though I'm sure there are some official guidelines laid down somewhere regarding this).

Anyway, that was far too weighty and serious for my liking (but still quite short, I'm just lazy, I know), and probably makes no sense in the end…nuff said for now.

June 13, 2005

I'm not going to do it…

I'm not going to write a self-pitying entry on how I've still got exams left when it seems everyone and their dog (and possibly goldfish and pet iguana too) have finished their exams and are dossing around in the sunshine…I'm not…I'm not…(and yes I know about MORSE and engineering ppl, and you too Dave whatever your degree is actually called) but the temptation to write one is very strong. Two exams left, fun.

So here are some random points:

Music shops in Leam – Check the price on all the copies of the albums they sell (especially the shop beginng with "F" and ending with "opp". Found an ablum there, 5 copies, all different prices, and no they weren't different versions / special editions etc.)

Why do the automatic doors at the top of the ramp at the union open so slowly sometimes? Is it just to annoy me when I'm in a hurry? (and no it wasn't near closing time)

Time Crisis 2 machine – Evil ppl took it away, thereby saving me money, should be grateful I suppose, but it would be nice if the Time Crisis 3 machine even worked…by all means get rid of the one that doesn't work…not the one that does…

South Central – Nice food, served with a smile, being up on Gibbet Hill I don't eat there often, but during revision have eaten there a lot, cheerful ppl working there it seems.

The Library – Seen far too much of it…far too much

Skool Days – Was busy wasn't it?

Soul Nation – Will be missed, not by me.

Purple – Since when was it £2 a pint? I'll really miss amassing huge piles of 5p coins…

The ramps in the union – Very slippery when covered in alcohol (see Skool Days)

I-pods – Can ppl using them in the library please use them at a sensible volume level…especially if they happen to be listening to that stupid frog song, which I would've thought is masochism taken to the extreme, revising and listening to that?...the temptation to strangle them with their very stylish white headfone cable is hard to resist.

Lucozade Sport mixed with Sugarfree Red Bull – Enough to keep me awake while revising Plant Molecular Development, BioSci ppl will know what that means.

People having loud conversations on mobile phones in public areas (like the person opposite me in the group-work room in the library as I type) – The rest of the world REALLY doesn't care what you're doing this weekend, no really.

Bus Journeys – Very boring at any time of day.

Bus Journeys at 7.20am – Very worrying when they get you to the library before it opens…that's just wrong..plain wrong.

Pool tables with the cue balls missing – Quite possibly the most annoying thing in the world (although that person opposite me with the loud phone conversation is running a close second) will people please stop losing / nicking the cue balls… :(

Frisbee – Fun

Ice Cream vans – have always just sold out of whatever it is I just spent 5 minutes deciding on.

Annoying housemates who wake you up at 4am – Should be hurt, repeatedly.

People who steal Fruit corners you've just bought out of the fridge in the period of time between you putting them in there, watching Neighbours and then going back to the fridge – See above.

GroupWise going down when you really don't want it to – Mildly annoying.

People who know I do Biology asking "Do you know what this rash is?" – No…and I really don't want to know, as long as it isn't contagious.

The person sitting opposite me – I really don't care what you just told Rob about a game of pool, I'm currently plotting where I can throw that phone of yours.

That'll do for now, was fun to get that lot off of my chest randomly…and I didn't whinge too much about exams…ok everything else in the world, but still.

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