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October 19, 2005

Bowling for Soup gig…

Was a good night out must be said, £10 to get in, 4 bands, Army of Freshmen, MC Lars, American Hi-Fi and Bowling for soup.

Army of Freshmen were good for the first act on, lively, lots of jumping around and some good sounding songs, the bad part being that you only realise that halfway through a good song because you've never heard them before. Bravery / Stupidity award to lead singer for diving into the crowd from the top of the speaker stack though.

MC Lars, in his own words a "Post-punk laptop rapper" I think it was, was certainly different, maybe too different for the majority of the audience who were there (A LOT of very young looking people, gotta love those gigs open to general public), but maybe not just the impression I got. Some of the songs dragged a bit but meh, most were fine.

American Hi-Fi, good band, good performance, but nothing that really stood out, some people there might disagree, but just ok. Might have helped if I had known more of theirs songs I admit, I only knew a couple beforehand.

Bowling for Soup, Good performance, but not as good as their one two years ago in my first year, might be something to do with the fact I prefer their older stuff which they didn't play much of, the newer stuff just isn't as catchy. Performance and banter was a bit strained at times, but an ok job done in the end, maybe they're just starting to show their age a bit, they are around 40 now apparently.

Probably one of the better nights out live music-wise for me this year, certainly that's going to happen in the main union and not associated with any of the societies, some of whom will prolly have awesome nights this year, just not in the marketplace. Well, the Subways are probably worth looking forward to anyway…I'm tired, sleep now.

October 17, 2005

A year's supply of cough syrup please

Surely fresher's flu / plague should have gone after four weeks? It's getting very boring waking up in the morning (ok….afternoon generally) and spending the rest of the day coughing…lots. It's not excessive drinking I promise, though working at the bars in the union might mean that I just catch every strain of nasty infectious thingy that passes through the place…that's why I'm being a miserable git so far this year, honest. (And if you believe that….)

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