March 23, 2005

Reading Festival 2005

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Well, just had a look at the lineup announced for the Reading festival this year (already got my ticket).


Pixies….good good, about time I got to see them.
The Killers…so we didn't get them for Final Fling, oh diddums, at least I get to see them here.
Queens of The Stone Age…Seen them before, not a big deal, but an ok filler
The Coral / Elbow…good filler

Kasabian…not a fanatical fan, but probably worth seeing, interesting decision
BRMC…not a great fan, so probably won't be watching them.


Foo Fighters…All the albums are starting to sound the same, but be interesting to see what they're like live..
Kings of Leon..not an avid fan, but will watch them anyway, probably be good.
Razorlight…Some good songs, but most of the album was so-so, here's hoping they're good live.
Jimmy Eat World…Very happy to see them on the bill, will be watching this set I think.


Iron Maiden…What can you say about this lot? Not entirely sure tbh..
Marilyn Manson…Is the live set really as "interesting" as ppl make out, looks like I'll have to see.
Incubus…Ok, but somewhat of a filler for me, they all seem the same.

All in all a good line up, not sure if it'll be as good as last year's awesome sunday, but looks like I'll just have to go and find out.

Feel free to comment on the bands, be interesting to see what ppl say about them.

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  1. Pixies, Killers, Elbow – fantastic! Foos, KoL and Razorlight would also warrant lots of my money; think I'd happily miss Sunday though!

    23 Mar 2005, 00:25

  2. There's exactly one band I wouldn't mind seeing on each day. Not entirely convinced it's worth the price.

    23 Mar 2005, 00:38

  3. Yeah, bit annoyed at the price hike this year, about £30 more than last year when all the booking fees etsc are taken into account, but it's a good social event as well as the bands. Andy, when you say one band per day, say which ones, trying to get ppls opinions on things.

    23 Mar 2005, 00:43

  4. The Killers
    Jimmy Eat World
    Iron Maiden

    23 Mar 2005, 00:45

  5. Scarily similar to the ones I'm most looknig forward too, I'll admit the sunday lineup isn't as good as fri and sat I think, but that's just my opinion.

    23 Mar 2005, 00:47

  6. Bashmore

    I cant wait for Reading, its gonna kick ass.
    My top three bands are gonna be the Foos (favourite band full stop,and awesome live), The Pixies who are legendary and are just great and QOTSA who were really good at V 2 years ago, and i love their music. Cant wait to see The Killers after missing them loads of times
    Not arsed at all about seeing Maiden, never been a fan, Sunday is traditionally the heaviest rock day at Reading, might check out Marilyn Manson, bring on the great Incubus. Reading is gonna be great!

    23 Mar 2005, 09:54

  7. prepare for Boyd and Einziger

    Intrepid experimention, fearless creative energy and a hard rock thrust – Incubus are ready to stun any reading crowd. I'm hoping for a few Science tracks, expecting they will focus on the equally impressive Crow…, chill out and find your spirit to morning view and wait for a perfect Pardon Me final. As Bashmore says bring on the great Incubus!!!!!!!!!!!!

    NoFx also deserve a mental crowd…..........

    08 Apr 2005, 14:18

  8. Hey Chris,

    Hope your Easter has been good.

    As for Marilyn Manson being 'interesting', the first time I saw him live was at Download several years ago and I hadn't really listened to much of his stuff, hence I, bless me and my innocence, was slightly shocked by the outrageously cavorting naked ladies onstage. However, in hindsight, his stage show is purely sensationalist for the sake of it: he's earned a name for being outrageous and it follows the mould. Not a bad live performer, but nothing new.

    BTW, Maiden are awesome!

    12 Apr 2005, 21:57

  9. Ricky Cooper

    OMG, this yera's festival line-up looks immense. initial specualtion was a bit weak, iron maiden and kasabian but mean fiddler have pulled this one out of the bag!!!! especially looking forward to duo of bloc party and futureheads, great live and foos!!!! saw the coral a few years ago too they are immense on the main stage!

    15 May 2005, 14:17

  10. fooman

    dude your a dick the festival line up is a sick one specially the foos

    08 Sep 2005, 00:36

  11. Well seen as I sold the ticket because I needed the money anyway it's a moot point, would have been nice to go though.

    09 Sep 2005, 00:53

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