September 13, 2005

Ideas please people….

Ok, I know this is a bit cheeky seen as it's supposed to be my job, but I'm out to see what ideas people have for socials, how to get people interested, and how to keep it varied to keep them interested.

I'm just after any and all ideas anyone has, because I don't particularly want to make a horrific mess of things. If anyone (and I don't mean just frisbee people) has been to a social that they enjoyed a lot, a social they absolutely hated, anything, what to do, what not to do, things you've done that weren't socials but that might work as socials let me know please. I'll accept any ideas (within reason for those complete weirdos out there…you know who you are)...not that I don't have any of my own…honest ;)

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  1. Well personally I don't like that sometimes there's too much pressure to do the drinking games. Sometimes I might want to do silly drinking game stuff, other times I might just want to chill out with a drink and some people who share an interest. What (I think) tends to happen is that after the first few socials you just end up with the people who enjoy the drinking games and not many other people, but it has changed a bit to be more laid back in recent years so continuing the trend would be nice.

    I have one drinking game that is pretty fun, not too strict about the drinking either, but it only works once. Should probably avoid the drinking games which are too heavily based on having played it before (Elimination Bullseye? Eric and Scouse), everyone else tends to get bored.

    The "special" ideas for socials, pub golf, go-karting etc, never seem to take off. So your best bet is to try to come up with things to do within the typical social rather than arrange something completely different. A social where you have to be attached to another person for a few hours maybe, something that's not just about downing a drink.

    14 Sep 2005, 00:32

  2. Ta, one thing that me and Will did agree on was that we will do socials that don't have the drinking games, just so we can sit around and have a chat and a casual drink if you want to, I'll that games like bullseye will be less played this year, (sorry eric / thrash) and not only because I don't like it…the odd silly game like bunnies or drop the beat are ok I think and will probably bhe used in the first social because they're easy to pick up and play and that'd me good to start with I think.

    This doesn't mean that there won't be drinking games at all, just a few where they aren't played and a few where they are.

    What's the opinion on costume / themed socials anyone? I definately think there might be a three legged social at some point, it's a great way of getting to know people, certainly works for WarwickSnow.

    14 Sep 2005, 00:40

  3. the first social I had a big band was where we were tied to 2 other people, one from each year. And you had to stay tied to them, even if you were going to the toilet. Exceptions were made if you had the dire urge to go and empty your stomach. obviously. That social worked really well, cause then you always knew at least 2 other people. So something like that or your three legged one I think would work quite well as a first social. Just an idea.

    14 Sep 2005, 20:31

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