March 08, 2005

Imagine if there was no tea…

Writing about Lovely glorious tea. from Something Random

Ever seen Shaun of the Dead (or any other zombie film before 28 Days Later) ? I think that's probably what you'd get if there was no such thing as tea in the world (or coffee, but this is a tea based rant). Watching people who require a cup of tea in the morning before they start to function properly is actually amusing if for some reason they run out of tea…

I'm not a tea drinker (cue surprised intakes of breath from at least half the population it seems) and so I can't really see why some people have such difficulty in going for any period of time without a cup of the hot water / shredded leaves / milk and/or sugar combo, unless it's simply a caffine addiction, I've seen housemates go mad when they discover that they've run out of teabags and the shop is shut for the night so they can't get more…it's a scary sight.

Why is it that the standard reaction for quite a few people whenever anything happens is to reach straight for the kettle? I'm happy enough with water, squash, juice or coke the majority of the time, and if I do want a hot drink (it's a rare occaision) then hot chocolate is fine, but I never have felt the need to have a drink as a result of something that has happened to me…the first reaction of most tea drinkers at the slightest shock seems to be to go for the kettle, is it psychological conditioning or something?

The other point that bugs me…why is everyone expected to drink tea? Ok, it's only my opinion, but that's the way it seems. On numerous occiasions I have been asked if I would like a cup of tea while waiting for something (waiting for a haircut on campus was a recent example)...I have to politely decline and then risk what seems a massive faux pas by asking for a glass of water if I would actually like something to drink, raised eyebrows are the norm it seems. (Though not at the hairdresser on campus, a pleasant surprise…) During work experience placements I was routinely made cups of tea by well meaning people, who just assumed I drink tea…I was thankful that they went to the effort of making me a drink, just slightly annoyed at the assumption.

And why don't I drink tea? I don't like the taste, that's all. But we all know personal tastes have been the cause of trouble before…I think a sponsored week of abstinence from tea for Comic Relief would be both a challenge for a large number of people and quite funny for me to watch, so go on try it, I'll probably even sponsor you*.

*May not be entirely true, I'd probalby sponsor someone, not someones but stilll…

March 05, 2005

Outdoor regionals time…

Today Bears 2 (well and Bears 1 as well) wandered over to Oxford (or rather a very posh looking independant school near oxford) to take part in the regional qualifiers for the outdoor national for ultimate frisbee. We got nicely battered in every match (against Loughborough, Oxford Brookes and Oxford) 13–2, 10–7 and 13–0. The scores were annoying, but we did enjoying the day…so it was worth it…though getting up (or not in my case) for 7am wasn't too much fun.

On a side note…anyone know what makes for a good social secretary? Seen as that's what I am next year for frisbee, don't want to make too much of a mess of it…any suggestions?

February 20, 2005

The weekend so far

Went to Meta 10, was ok, but not as good as last year I think, the fire alarm didn't help though…seriously, who would've thought of a smoke machine setting off a smoke alarm? (only going by what I heard).

Went to Gav's house party for a bit, was good to see ppl again, wish I'd stayed there rather than going to the union for skool dayz, the ppl I was supposed to be meeting didn't turn up, what joy. Met up with Will and Nick, and the bumped into Alex and her mates, so wasn't a bad night in the end. Have to say this now…oh dear Mr Chilvers…throwing up on a table in cholo…not very impressive ;)

February 17, 2005

Lack of sleep…

(Written at 2AM talking about wednesday…so assume I mean wed when I say today.)

Lack of sleep seems to make me a very moody person, spent a nice day wandering around today (after the hangover from sugar wore off), spent a bit of time in the piazza listening to the music the bands were playing as part of Green Week, got roped into another psychology experiment, was quite interesting. Having had a good day went bowling (again, becoming a regular thing this) with the usual suspects except Karl, who was off being theatrical on the opening night of his new play. I then got in a really foul mood for no apparent reason, which is annoying because it's a bit unfair on other people, sorry for that folks.

Sugar was actually quite a good night out for once, went with some people form the house, was a good night right up until the point were I nearly spoilt it walking home by going off on a bit of a moody rant at one of the girls, which I won't say was undeserved, but it was a bit over the top….getting angry far too easily these days, probably not a good sign.

I would say I resolved to get more sleep but given that I'm writing this at 2AM I guess that plan failed. (I blame the BBC for putting Rocky 5 on at 11.30)

February 16, 2005

I should know better..

Vodka + Red Bull + Night out at Sugar = Painful morning

Oh well, some people never learn, looks like I'm one of them. Interestingly it seems that I get annoyed very easily when I've been drinking vodbulls, another thing I never really needed to know. Anyway, off to lectures…

Landlord finally got the heating fixed yesterday, it's nice not to have to put more clothes on when I get back to my room just to ensure I don't lose feeling in my fingers.

February 14, 2005


Personally I thought given my current annoyance with couples I'd hate today, it's actually been quite funny, watching ppl who've forgotten to buy anything or do anything frantically try to dig themselves out of a hole.

On a slightly less cheerful note Eric managed to do his shoulder in today and is still at A&E as I type, so that means between us we can just about manage one undamaged person…frisbee seems to be turning out to be dangerous for a non-contact sport…

Stupidly I've agreed to go to Top B tonight, when it's blatantly going to be Valentine's B….sometimes I wonder about my sanity, I'm sure other ppl do too. Anyway, gotta love Top B when followed by a 9am lecture thew next morning.

Oh…and the landlord still hasn't fixed the heating…

Bowling again..

Went bowling tonight (well sunday night anyway) with Eric, Will, Karl and Nick, did reasonably well, first in the first game with 111 and 2nd in the second game with 114 (losing to nick in the final frame by virtue of me choking completely…). Seen as the stakes were the loser has to go to lecture of the winner's chosing it seems Eric has lectures in biological sciences and psychology on the horizon.

Oh and to prove I have a really misspent (sp?) youth, finished Time Crisis 2 in the arcade at the bowling on one credit…sad I know.

February 01, 2005

February turns up

Well at least we're finally out of what must be the most depressing month of the year, January always seems a bit bleak, February isn't much better, but it's a small improvement.

Got a bit of a surprise yesterday when I found out I had a lab when I thought it was the next week, that's waht you get for not reading your timetable properly I suppose.

Went to frisbee practise yesterday, followed by a bit of running and fitness work afterwards, 2 hours of practise and an hour of fitness was pretty painful at the time, though mercifully I seem to have avoided the usual collection of muscle pulls that I associate with running.

After all that I decided for some reason it'd be a good idea to go to top B, I think I need my sanity tested, top is ok when you're not exhausted, less fun when you're falling asleep, oh well, was an ok night in the end though as far as top B's go.

Today by comparison was a much easier affair, go to lab, come home, watch neighbours, eat, sleep…makes up for yesterday's fun and games.

January 31, 2005

Took a while

Ok it took a while, but I'm back writing another entry. The essays were all handed in, the skiing trip was amazing…though somewhat blurry. Christmas and new year were all ok, but predictably filled with work and getting annoyed at not getting round to seeing all the people I meant to see.

The new term here has been quite quiet for me, seen as due to interesting timetabling I only have 3 lectures a week at the moment and in week 6 I get a lot more.

The indoor frisbee indoor season is pretty much at a close now, but the tournament hosted at warwick was, as I've come to expect, a great weekend with a lot of great play and great spirit going on. Quite a few photos of the action have been posted in the galleries on

Run out of interesting things to put in for now, will try again later…

December 01, 2004

Carrying on where I left off…

Another night, another night spent doing essay work. though it's now only 1000 words to go, and a 4pm deadline, good job it was all planned out first.

Anyway enough of the boring stuff, still looking forward to the tour (only 1 more day after today) and picked up my shirt for chump around, an ultimate frisbee team started by a group of my friends who play for warwick bears that we're hoping to take to some tournaments that Bears don't go to. The shirts actually look good, all credit to Nick for sorting them out!

Back to the thrilling essay writing…

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