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November 23, 2011

Visit to The Sky Project

On Thursday 10th November I popped out for the day to visit The Sky Project at University College Dublin. I had a very long and interesting chat with the Head of the UCD Energy Research Group, Paul Kenny, about his research into capturing and mapping real dynamic sky luminance data.

I was also given a tour of their Artificial Sky; 4m diameter, 6 segment dome comprising 145 diffused luminaires following the Tregenza subdivision of the sky.

Any measured sky condition can be generated but they generally use 16 predefined CIE standard skies with the addition of a sun simulator. The sun is simulated with a theatrical lamp on a track running along the framework of the dome. The 'sun' runs along the track to simulate the solar altitude and the model turns on a heliodon to simulate the solar azimuth. The solar position with respect to the model can be simulated for any time of day/year based on solar time.

The Sky Project Artificial Sky

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