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December 12, 2011

Dropbox instead of Files.Warwick

I know it's jumping ahead a bit but I was trying to send out a link from Files.Warwick to my sponsor company. I managed to share access to my documents with my academic supervisors but couldn't manage to share access with my sponsor company. I found a way to send an invite to download files from my folder but it had an expiry of 7days - which is not really what I wanted to use the folder for.

As I was trying to catch up with some of the ReX23 'Things' this morning I came across Thing 19 and sharing files through Dropbox. This blog entry, which was going to be written when I had completed Things 14-18, was going to say something about not needing to use Dropbox as I had an alternative already in use.

Instead I'll just say that Dropbox is just what I was looking for and could have done with knowing about it a few weeks ago to save the confusion.

Better late than never.

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