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November 30, 2011

Lanyrd via Twitter

Writing about web page

I've added a conference to Lanyrd and at first I thought that this was a bit of a waste of time as my Twitter search was rubbish.

I am very glad to say that I was wrong.

Once I added the conference LumeNet 2012, I added some of the companies/institutions that were involved. This resulted in finding lots of people in the lighting industry to follow on Twitter.

It's always worth having a go at these things just in case you can find real value in doing it - after all no knowledge is a waste of time.

Thing 7 (Finally)

Writing about web page

So I've finally sorted out Thing 7 and I must say that I love this one.

I have now created an ePortfolio. There isn't much to it yet (a pretty picture, my CV and a blerb about my project) but I can see myself adding to it as my research grows.

November 23, 2011

Visit to The Sky Project

On Thursday 10th November I popped out for the day to visit The Sky Project at University College Dublin. I had a very long and interesting chat with the Head of the UCD Energy Research Group, Paul Kenny, about his research into capturing and mapping real dynamic sky luminance data.

I was also given a tour of their Artificial Sky; 4m diameter, 6 segment dome comprising 145 diffused luminaires following the Tregenza subdivision of the sky.

Any measured sky condition can be generated but they generally use 16 predefined CIE standard skies with the addition of a sun simulator. The sun is simulated with a theatrical lamp on a track running along the framework of the dome. The 'sun' runs along the track to simulate the solar altitude and the model turns on a heliodon to simulate the solar azimuth. The solar position with respect to the model can be simulated for any time of day/year based on solar time.

The Sky Project Artificial Sky to Twitter

I've been really busy for the past few weeks, so much so that I've neglected REx23. So I put aside some time this morning to try to make some headway and catch up.

I started off on Thing 6 - Join I created my profile and had a little search of others to see if there was anyone out there who was looking at some similar themes to me. I was surprised that I did find quite a few and have set up my account to follow theirs.

I then moved on to Thing 7 and requested an ePortfolio. This is all I have done so far as it will take upto 10 days to create my account. More on this later.

Things 8, 9 & 10 were all Twitter based and quite time consuming; not because it was complicated but because I got sucked-in to searching and reading posts (sorry, I should say "Tweets")! I set my account and used the hashtag "#digitalwarwick" in a tweet and spent quite a bit of time reading tweets and following links to articles.

I'm not sure if I am completely sold on the Twitter idea yet. I understand the need to have a strong online presence for collaboration and the dissemination of research but I don't know if Twitter will allow me to find the material and contacts I'm looking for at the moment.

I think I'll have a look at Things 11 to 13 later

(and Thing 14 has been added since I started this morning - will I ever catch up?!)

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