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October 31, 2011

RSS Feeds and Journal Subscriptions

I was quite surprised to see so many 'Things' to do this week but they don't look all that difficult to achieve or time-consuming.

This morning I have set up the RSS feed for the Blog '23 Things for the Digital Professional' and opened an iGoogle account (which looks really handy and is now my homepage). The journal subscription has stumped me though - I wouldn't know which ones to subscribe to that would be relevant to my project. Luckily there was one place left on the RSSP workshop on 'Effective Literature Searching' so I'll be attending that on my birthday.

Now I guess all I have to do is listen/watch a podcast - iTunes here I come!

Artificial Sky Visit – UCL

Writing about web page

On Thursday 27th October I visited The Bartlett at University College London to see their Artificial Sky. The purpose of the visit was to see the types of facility available and see how it relates to my own project which looks at recreating illumination scenarios to assess the readability of in vehicle displays.

The Bartlett simulates daylight for scale models of buildings to assess the impact of ambient and directional light on lighting design. This is to complement or replace the need for artificial lighting for energy efficiency or to design the lighting within a room for human comfort.

The Bartlett Artificial Sky is very impressive - a 5m diameter geodesic dome comprising 270 diffused luminaires. It take approx. 3hrs to calibrate each luminaire and in each case the solid angle needs to be calculated to work out the area of the sky each is responsible for.

Each luminaire is individually addressable by the control system and each setting is calculated based on the luminance distribution required, the solid angle and the performance of the lamp/luminaire.

Any sky condition can be generated but they generally used predefined CIE standard skies with the addition of a sun simulator.

The sun is simulated by a 50W halogen lamp reflected by a parabolic mirror which collimates the light into parallel beams. The 'sun' is on a rotatable track which can be programmed to create almost any solar position for time of day/year in the northern or southern hemisphere.

The visit has given me an appreciation for the complexity of such systems and the size that would be required to do assessments on full sized vehicles. It has also given me the opportunity to try to embed a document from SlideShare into this blog!

October 13, 2011

1 reason to start blogging and 23 things for the digital professional

I've almost made it through the second week of my EngD and I have so many ideas about my project swimming around in my head that I keep flitting between the topics that I'm trying to gather information on.

A few days ago, during my search of the intranet, I came across a PhD students' online course entitled "23 things for the digital professional".

I was hoping that it would help to make my research more effective, but upon further investigation I found that I would have to sign up to write a blog (which I have never done before) and I thought "What a waste of time - who wants to read about me" then dismissed it until my project supervisor sent the link to me.

So now I'm writing a blog. I don't know if anyone will read it but it's given me a chance to stop and gather my thoughts. Maybe it will continue to do so; after all I'll be here for 4 years.

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