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December 12, 2011

Dropbox instead of Files.Warwick

I know it's jumping ahead a bit but I was trying to send out a link from Files.Warwick to my sponsor company. I managed to share access to my documents with my academic supervisors but couldn't manage to share access with my sponsor company. I found a way to send an invite to download files from my folder but it had an expiry of 7days - which is not really what I wanted to use the folder for.

As I was trying to catch up with some of the ReX23 'Things' this morning I came across Thing 19 and sharing files through Dropbox. This blog entry, which was going to be written when I had completed Things 14-18, was going to say something about not needing to use Dropbox as I had an alternative already in use.

Instead I'll just say that Dropbox is just what I was looking for and could have done with knowing about it a few weeks ago to save the confusion.

Better late than never.

Copyright content and my thesis

Can my EngD Portfolio be submitted to WRAP for public dissemination?

It seems like a question that should be asked in 4 years time after I have actually written something but if I plan what I am going to do before I do it then I think I'll get less of a headache.

The issues that I am going to have with public access to my portfolio will be

    • Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) resulting from my research
    • Third party content
    • Proprietary data supplied by the sponsor company

    The IPR (as far as I understand) with be the property of my sponsor company and as such, any details of it contained within my portfolio will need to be approved by them. The other issue will be with any academic papers published - the content of the papers are usually the property of the publisher (unless stated in any agreements) so permission to publish in another format will have to be requested. Any proprietary data included in the portfolio will have to be removed if it is published to the public domain.

    WRAP and other repositories

    I've had a good look through the WRAP and it has helped me by allowing me to see how to structure an EngD portfolio. Until now I've been a little bit unclear as to how it works and how it differs from a traditional thesis.

    My understanding is that all of the relevant work of the EngD that would normally go into 'Chapters' in the PhD thesis is written up as 'Submissions'. These are submitted regularly (at least one per year of registration) and are put into context by the final (and largest) submission, the Innovation Report. This final report is basically the thesis just with large chucks as separate documents so you can do the work as you go. I was a bit worried about the submissions and how it would work but seeing an example from the repository has put my mind at ease. I think I'll have a look at a few more to see what style suits me.

    I've also seen a few papers written by others in my department but unfortunately there is nothing in my area of research so I had a look at the other suggested repositories. The one I have found to be the most useful is the Institutional Repository Search (

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