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November 30, 2004


Tonights the night for questions, most of which will be either philosophical or psychological in nature so if any of you psychologists or philosophers want to comment then please do.

I've not blogged in a day or two and i've looked back over my last few entrys and one word comes to mind – Childish. Yeah the fame and popularity that came from the posts and getting not one but two hot topics was nice but it's just not what I'm looking for. Why am did I feel the need to pretend that James Hughes is the best guy ever? (You are cool by the way but not the best by far, sorry) If I don't desire fame and popularity from blogs then what do I really desire?

Speaking of James I think I've actually seen him in the flesh today, on his way through Xananas, and I have to say I found it kinda strange to see someone I know only through blogs. How did I know it was him? Did he recognise me? If he didn't then did he at least spot me? (I have been hard to miss today, more about that in a sec)

Why is it that I feel the need to stand out around the place? All day today I have been wearing my green Asda fleece around campus, even to Top B for the short time I was there. I had no real need to wear it, I have plenty of clothes. Is my wish to stand out, even if it is by looking like a twit, based upon on a desire to be more open about my sexuality?

Perhaps I'm just obsessed; obsessed with my job. I think I get like this quite a lot, what makes one so obsessed with a job that isn't really that spectactular? Why is it that I can be enthusiastic about a job that half the time is quite dull?

I was up in the Graduate Club (Zippy's for the old schoolers) this evening and I spent half my time up there staring out of the windows overlooking various bits of campus. There was something about it which I found incredible beautiful. What makes us just stand and stare like that?

Well thats enough questions for now, don't you think?

November 26, 2004

What have I done?

Writing about an entry you don't have permission to view

Oh deary me, looks like I started something terrible. It would appear that as much as James Huges enjoys the idea of having a fan club, Sam is deeply offended and hurt by it so as not to cause any more pain, because i'm not that kinda guy, the James Huges fan club is, from this point on, closed.

I'm sorry to have caused offense to anyone who isn't a James fan and would like to personally apologise to Sam for all the distrought caused. From now on I'll keep James and myselfs beautiful relationship between the two of us and go back to my boring blog posts about my quiescent self, the fame was nice while it lasted but I just don't think I can cope with knowing I'm ruining lives!

Sorry everybody!

November 25, 2004

James Hughes

After reading the odd blog here and there I've noticed that James Hughes seems to have quite a following and is well liked by all, except by evil Sam who's his arch nemesis.

So I've decided he needs his own offical fan club, don't miss out on this wonderful oppertunity to become an official member and to declare your undying love for the beauty we affectionately call James.

November 24, 2004

A poem about James

James you really are very fine,
Your Hairstyle quite divine.

You claim that you're bicurious,
But that fact I find rather spurious.

You prefer guys when you're drunk,
Even occasionally pull the odd hunk.

And that boys and girls is why I'm not a poet!

November 23, 2004

That time of the month

I think I'm having the male equivalent of the womens time of the month, I've been in a very wierd mood with no kinda will to do anything, I was supposed to be going to the Pride Traffic Light disco tonight but after being on campus 9:30 till 5:30 and not feeling to good I really didn't feel up to it. Plus the idea isn't one I particularly like, I know it's just supposed to be a bit of fun but I just don't like the idea of making it blatently obvious you're desperate or going just to pull.

I hate feeling like this, it's not productive. Who ever said retail therapy was helpful? I just find the effects don't last long enough, a few hours after purchasing things I feel the same way and ready to go out and spend another small fortune I haven't got.

I think I've become a bit obsessive over a few things as well which isn't good, been spending too much time in the gym I think and I've been doing loads of hours at Asda on top of my assignments and lectures, I'm probably doing more hours in total then a full time job and I think its starting to show now, at least in a week and a half it will be the holiday and I can kind of take a break (if you ignore all the hours a week I'm going to be doing at Asda in Sheffield). Anyway its time I was going to bed if I want to be in the gym at 7:30am tomorrow (see that has to be obsessive).

November 22, 2004


I don't remember my dreams very ofter which is really annoying as dreaming is absolutely wonderful but lately I've had a couple of strange dreams. The first was about next years accommadation which isn't that unlikely given we'd been discussing it, I dreamt that I went in to see the accommadation people, which for some unknown reason were based in a silent area of the library, and I went to talk to a guy I know who does actually work there in real life and he basically said he could help and told me that Rhian was in charge, quite strange as Rhian is someone I vaguely know but there was no reason for her to be in that position in the dream or for me to be dreaming about her anyway.

The second dream, which I had last night, was a first for me. I do occasionally have dreams involving sexual activity but it's usually involves random guys who aren't actually real people but last night I dreamt sexual things about someone I fancy in real life which was enjoyable and was a shame to wake up from. It was a very surreal dream as most of mine are, it involved alsorts including townies and a fire caused by them just because I gave them some matches in exchange for some info but I don't really know why I had bought the matches in the first place.

I would really love to know what it all means. I might blog about my dreams more often, perhaps even create a dreams category!

Do you remember when…

Isn't it scary how forgetful we all are? How many things have you done in your life that you've already forgotten about? Little moments that after a while are forgotten forever. You can try to record everything but it's impossible to do it in enough detail, writing it down would take up all your time. Taking photos at all kinds of moments is a good way to remind yourself of the good (and occasionally bad) times but photo's can't record all your thoughts at the time.

So I guess we have to choose which events we do make a note of, whether it be a diary entry, a blog entry or a photo or two. We have to decide if a moment is important enough at the time to warrant spending that little extra time recording it for all prosperity.

This also leads on to what we keep and throw away, so many little things that can be nice to keep, our generation is fairly young at the moment so we don't have too many little bits 'n' bobs collected yet, personally I have a biscuit tub with little things in it like concert tickets, a few photos, some badges, drawings by friends, letters from people and even a piece of someones number plate I broke without telling them.

Does anyone else have a little collection of keep-sakes and if so what is in your collection?

November 21, 2004

Bassett's Licorice Allsorts

…well less of the Bassett's Licorice and more just the allsorts, as a quick sidenote I don't actually like Licorice.

Firstly I'm loving the weather, It's really starting to feel like winter; frozen car windows, beautifully clear night skys and sub zero temperatures, but most of all the breif snow we had. Unfortunately because I was workingat Asda at the time I didn't really get to see any snow or to stand by a window gazing at in total awe and excitement. I really hope we have more later!!!

Well it's that horrible time of year again when student housing for the following year has to be discussed and sorted out. Last year this wasn't too much of a problem, there was a change in numbers but the general concensous was to live in Leamington again, this year is different though; because we are all finalists we have the chance to apply for campus accommodation, now this is all fine and well if we get a place (although I would prefer to stay here) but if we don't then its a whole different kettle of fish, and a somewhat more complex one at that.

So say we don't get onto campus; there's John and Mike who would prefer Canley or Cov but will go with the majority, then there's Tom that wants to live in Canley without question and then there's Ryan and myself that want to stay here in Leamington. I have a feeling that if John and Mike decided to live in Canley as Tom would like that Ryan would follow anyway as he would still want to live with the guys, as for myself I am unsure, my job is here in Leam, my car is more justified, and I like the drive.

The question is who would I live with? The advantage to living with the guys is that I know exactly what they are like to live with. That doesn't mean I totally enjoy living with them, sometimes they really piss me off (although they dont know it) but at the end of the day we all get on without problems, living with someone new would be strange but the change of scene may be very good for me. I guess I'll have to look into various options should it occur that we can't get a place on campus.

I can't believe we're just about to start week 9 already, i've already been working at Asda for a month and i've now been going to the gym every weekday for the past 5 weeks. It's scary how quickly it has gone! So far it has been a very productive and enjoyable term, I've gotten that desperately needed job which I really should have gotten last year, I've started a very regular gym routine which makes me feel much healthier and alive and most importantly I've made a huge effort to get to know people at Warwick Pride which will be useful when I execute my plan to take over the exec… muhahahahahahahaha

November 17, 2004

Fitness Program

I've been going to the university gym now every weekday for just over 4 weeks now, usually doing somewhere between 30mins and an hour of cardio exercise a day interspersed with some upper body weight training. After 4 weeks of this I was hopeing to have some noticable physical changes but there hasn't been many really.

I don't weigh much less but that fair enough, i've probably put on in muscle what i've lost in fat, i'm not quite sure where i've lost this fat from though? A friend from work at home commented on how i've lost weight but I can't see it to be honest, I must have lost it from around the body because my belly and chest seem as flabby as always.

I think the sports centre offer a free consultation and training program which would probably the best way to go to achieve what I want as they would be able to advise me of what I need to do but I can't be bothered to look into it. It's a bit silly really as I seem to be bothered to get up for 9am to go to the gym. I think I'll look into it for next term and for now just carry on what i'm doing, after all any exercise can't be bad, can it?

If anyone has any recommendations on how to get rid of my belly and man boobs they would be greatly appreiciated.

November 16, 2004

My Biggest Fan

Today I discovered I have a fan and not only that he's apparently my biggest fan, I guess that my only fan would be my biggest fan by default. So anyway my biggest fan is James Hughes and he very kindly reminded me that if I was to win the lottery that he is my biggest fan.

So I have decided something, my biggest fan of the moment will recieve 1% of any of my lottery winnings, and because James was first to proclaim to be my biggest fan he's entitled to 1% of my winnings to date, thats a whopping £0.40, yep thats right I've won the lottery 4 times (I think), just wish I could get more then 3 numbers.

So if you'd like to collect your winnings James then get in touch.

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