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October 31, 2004

A whole new level

Well today I took my gayness to a whole new level. Before you could have easily mistaken me for a straight guy; messy hair, no dress sense, normal non-camp walk, all the things that the stereo typical straight guy is etc etc. But now this has changed because I went out and bought some hair straighteners, now I have experimented with a some before and the sytle seems to suit me so it was finally time to get some.

So I've gone from long slightly curly and messy hair to nice straight very gay looking hair which suits me well, I look better for a start and then theres the advantage that I look a bit gayer to passes by. I also bought a hair dryer today as most with a cheap set of straightners will know that you have to have dry hair first really.

Been out to the union this evening to the kerrang / halloween event thingy, was a fairly good night, bumped into rich and wes and ended up wearing the costume that rich came in as he'd taken it off (I presume he was too warm), still got it now, best find out if he needs it back really soon. Anyway time for bed – got work at 10am tomorrow, lovely!

October 28, 2004

Randomness (about Asda mainly)

Well I havent blogged in a day or two and thats mainly because I haven't really had too much worth blogging about happen to me lately.

I've spent far too much time at Asda lately. On tuesday I had to go in for more induction fun, this time with the customer services manager who told us all about customers; what to say and not to say, how to treat them, reasons for them to stop shopping at the store (1% dont come back because of death) etc.

Then on wednesday I went in at 2pm to be till trained as it's too busy to do it on friday at 5pm (my first real shift). They gave us our till login codes and left us each with one of the other checkout operators, I watched her for a bit and then she let me take over, its not too difficult but there are a few things to learn, especially things like the PLU codes for fruit and veg.

I was on the till for about 3 hours, it went fairly well except for a few hitches like one mans shopping coming to 360 instead of 70 because an item was incorrect in the database, so we had to void that item except i'm not allowed to void a 290 item without a supervisors code and key, but nevermind it all got sorted eventually.

As for today well its been pretty average really except I missed breakfast and didn't take any lunch to uni with me. I went to the gym but not for long because it knackered me out. Came home at 2pm and wasted the afternoon doing nothing. Did some shopping at Asda (now been in every day this week).

I'm now going to attempt to learn some electronics but not for long as I need a good nights sleep as I will be going to the gym at 10am, then have 3 hours of lectures finishing at 2 which gives me an hour to get home and change and get to Asda in time for a 7 hour shift. It should only be 5 but she wants to give me a bit of 1 on 1 till training to cover all the possibilitys.

October 26, 2004

Pure Style

Got my Asda uniform today, here it is in all its glory.

The lighting on the photo is terrible but I always seem to blink with the flash and end up with lots of photos with my eyes closed. As well as getting my uniform we also got given a load of booklets about working for asda. I also got all my computer based learning done so I am now actually allowed to start work, I should be getting my till training on wednesday.

October 24, 2004

Drunken Blog

Well I don't get drunk very often but this is one of those occasions, its probably going to take me about 3 hours to write this because my typing skills are terrible at the moment so i'll apologise now for any mistakes i'm bound to make.

Today has has its ups and downs, I had to get up at 8am this morning to go to my Asda induction, it was kinda dull but more interesting then my current lectures with the added bonus that we should be paid to be there, so now I know about Health and Safety, Security, weekly huddles, age restrictions etc etc etc. I have to go back to more induction stuff on Monday, when I should get my uniform, I already have my name bagde – wahoo.

Anyway the reason why i'm so drunk would be Jon's house / birthday party, he's a lovely guy, who I love to pieces despite not really knowing him. I feel a little guilty for not buying him a birthday present but oh well nevermind, im sure he understands. I would have stayed later then I did but I'd has far too much to drink, as I never drink, and i'd drunk myself to being ill, so I thought i'd best come home and crazily attempt a blog.

Anyway I had a great time drunk at Jons and I hope he had a great birthday but I guess i'd really best go to bed now providing I don't feel too sick!

Night night everbody!

October 22, 2004

Jobless no more!

Currently Listening to: Pink Floyd

Well this is my first post (except my first introductory post) not to be posted in the early hours of the morning, I don't know whether this will be a good or a bad thing? Could mean by english is better as im not so tired but it may be that i'm at my most creative when half asleep. I would have posted when I got in last night but at 3:30am all I wanted to do was sleep!

I finally have a job, Asda phoned me to say that they want me to work friday evenings and all day sunday, I was driving round car park 15 at the time so wasn't really paying attention so I forgot to ask when I start but I do have an induction session tomorrow at 9am so i'll hopefully find out then.

Also had my Sainsburys interview yesterday evening. This was after Asda phoned so I went in knowing my new availability, so I may work for both if they offer me a job, for a while anyway. It was a strange interview, nothing like my Asda one. After signing in and being escorted to the staff area I was given a health declaration form to complete so they can assess if im fit for certain tasks, I think I answered 'No' to all the questions about the million various conditions.

(Small side note: they have a pool table in the Sainsburys canteen.)

The interview then consisted of a load of admin questions which they could quite easily put on the applic form (in fact I think some of them were on the form), these were things like 'What name would you prefer on your name badge?' etc. Once she'd got these out of the way the proper interview started which basically constisted of 6 multi-choice questions, they were all little possible senarios and I had to choose which of the 4 options I do and then say why – that was it, interview done!

The only thing was that the sheet with the multi-choice questions on actually had 10 questions on it, she only asked me the first 6. Good or bad thing? Could mean either I suppose; did so well on the 6 that there was no need to bother with more or I did so badly and had been rejected before finishing. Whatever the outcome is i'm not too bothered as I now have the job at Asda but I should hear from Sainsburys within a week.

So I await my response from Sainsburys but if you shop at Asda on a friday night or on sunday then you might just see me on the checkouts – all I ask is that you don't show me up too much.

October 21, 2004

Who's reading?

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Small word of caution, you never know who's reading these blog thingies. Today my mum emailed me and told me she'd come across my blogs, luckily I'm very careful about what I write about (although some people may think otherwise), so that means that now I've had random guys i've commented on, random uni students, my friends, my brother and now my mum reading my blog!

It doesn't bother me at all, and if I was concerned about random people reading my blog I could restrict it to certain staff and students, but for now I have nothing to hide, no doubt i'll end up embarrasing myself at some point though.

Anyone else had their blog read/commented on by someone worth mentioning?

October 20, 2004


Just Watched: The Terminal

Well after being so sucessful in my group interview session at Asda on saturday I was invited back for a one to one interview this evening at 7pm. I got there on time and ended up sitting around for 20 mins because she'd got behind with her other interviews but nevermind, gave me a chance to read all the lovely Asda staff notices – yay!

She asked me all the kinda things you'd expect to be asked in an interview like "What do you hope to get out of working for Asda?", "What have you got to offer Asda?", "How would your housemates describe you?" etc etc etc.

One question she did ask was "If you could go back and relive your life, what would you change?", well this was a bit problematic for me, the first thing to pop into my head was the thought "I'd have come out at a younger age" but I very quickly decided I wasn't prepared to say this to her. All the same though it was then the only thing I could think of, untill she finally prompted me by mentioning my change from maths to computer systems engineering.

Overall though I think the interview went fairly well, and apparently I should hear from them by friday. While I was there I took the opertunity to ask about working at Asda in Sheffield during the holidays, she said its fine but it's up to me to give them a call and introduce myself etc but that shouldnt be a problem.

Later on this evening my mobile rang, it was a Leamington number, that I didn't recognise, calling me, I thought it was a bit too soon to be Asda, turns out it's Sainsburys, after having my application form for what must be over 3 weeks (Asda took less than a week) they've decided that they want to interview me so I have another interview on thursday evening now. The big question being which job offer to accept (assuming both offer me a job), I could work for both but I dont think I really need 2 jobs, especially as it looks like I can choose to do extra shifts at Asda. So I shall probably work for Asda over Sainsburys, especially as Asda were quicker to respond.

You may have noticed i've renamed my blog fom "justwait…" to "The quiescent life of Chirs", felt like a change and quiescent is a word thats been appearing frequently in my Electronic Deisgn course. For those of you that don't know, it means; quiet, still, inactive or when used for electronics "Corresponding to or characterized by an absence of an input to a device ready to receive one.". So there's a bit of useful info for you!

October 18, 2004


Currently Wanted: 5 Replacement Housemates – must be tidier than current set.

What is it that causes us to wake up at a stupidly early hour of the morning and then not be able to sleep? 5:30 is far too early to be getting up, my alarm is set for 8am and thats still too early.

Yesterday I took a trip to Hopwood services at junction 2 of the M42 to meet a random guy, no it wasn't with a romantic intention, my brother has bought one of those electric scooters from him on e-bay and i'd been put in charge of collecting it, so there I am parked up in the centre of the services car park awaiting the deal.

As I didn't particularly want the scooter kicking round here at uni I thought I'd pop home, get rid of it and collect a few essentials. Things haven't changed at home that much, just been a few bits of furniture moved around downstairs. The scooter had a small problem with it which I also had to fix, the problem with this being that the little box all the wires were connected to is from china and consequently the wiring diagram is in chinese. Taking the initiative I took a photo and sent it to a friend that managed to translate it well enough for me to repair the damn thing.

The guy from the other day that I upset started a conversation with me on msn too, he'd calmed down alot and apologised for the way he went off on one at me, so i'm happier about that, I know I don't have any right to tell anyone but it's just the way it all happened that got me angry.

If anyone is up to the challenge of teaching my housemates how to be tidy then I'd be etternally grateful! Anyway time to attempt a bit more sleep before I have to get up for my 9am lecture on the wonderful subject of Applied Linear Algebra.

October 17, 2004

Asda Magic

Currently Watching: Futurama

Well I had my Asda group interview session today. The Asda recruitment team must have spent an awful lot of money on the recruitment process as it was all very themed, based on magic (even down to the pens which said Asda Magic on them), but it is Asda's belief that good workers equal a good business so spending time and money on recruitment and staff is beneficial, and given their success i'm inclined to agree with them.

I parked up and wandered right round the back of asda to the very well known Collegue and Visitors entrance. There were 11 of us, they took us to a small meeting room and sat us round a table, we were all given a name badge to wear which also had a magic theme, it had a magicians hat and wand on it.

For the first actuvity we were all dealt a card with a number on and the idea was we were to hold our numbers up but not look at our own and then by talking to each other to seat our selves in numerical order round the table, we managed this in 70 secs. We were then shown a 10 min video about Asda's business plan and the benefits of working for them.

We were then paired up, and had to find out 3 things about our partner; their name, why they want to work for asda and which cartoon character would they be and why? He asked who wanted to go first, there was a few seconds of silence and then I thought i'd make the first move as it looks good.

For their next trick we were put into groups and our task was to build a house of cards, we first had to come up with a team name (we were The Aces) and also how many layers we were planning to achieve. They then gave us a pack of asda magic cards and 5 mins to build, close to the end of the 5 mins they changed the brief and then after another 5 mins they changed it again. The idea being to show us that the business world is a continuingly changing place; it was all good fun, even though one of my group hadn't really got a clue about building card houses, did I have a mispent youth or something?

They then gave us all a retail questionnaire to fill in, first 5 questions were about the company etc, then there was a set on simple checkout stuff like 'An item cost 2.05, how much change from 10?', then a section on best before end dates, one on being able to spot mistakes in numbers and codes, and finally one on being able to read nutritional info on things. It was a very easy test although I have a strange feeling I bodged up the best before end section up by muddling up August and October, but oh well nevermind.

It was then time for a tour of the store, the staff only areas were mildly interesting to see as they were new to me but the tour of the shop floor was a little pointless as I shop there fairly regularly. Anyway it was back to the little room to fill in another quick form about flexability and which department you'd prefer and that was it done. I then proceeded to do some shopping there.

So all in all it wasn't too bad, was certainly a good laugh and it hasn't put me off working there in the slightest. Apparently I should hear from them within 72 hours about whether i've made it through to the one to one interview stage, so fingers are still crossed.

October 16, 2004

Some People

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Well today I think I may have lost a friend, but I'm not rally that bothered by it because I'm not at all happy with the way he had a go at me. I don't want to say too much as it would be unfair and wrong to reveal the persons identity, but the basics of it are this; I told a housemate of mine that I knew this guy and because I'm out to my housemates (and most other people) he asked me if this guy is gay.

Now this is where my issues are, this is my friend, I shouldn't have to lie to my own friends, he ask me an outright question which quite frankly is very hard to avoid without lying, on this occasion I didn't feel any need to lie. The guy in question isn't really out, so yeah fair enough he doesn't want me telling everyone that knows him, but the person I choose to tell is someone I trust not to say anything.

Anyway the guy finds out I've told my friend and has a go at me, given the sheer amount of fuss he was making about it you'd think i'd gone and outted him to his father. I bet he wouldn't have been at all bothered had I told another gay guy but me telling a straight person (that doesn't really know him, and understands anyway as he has a gay brother) is the end of the world, its so bad he nearly has to move to another planet; issues or what???

Anyway on a lighter note, Asda phoned me today and invited me to a group interview session tomorrow at 11am, so I'm finally a bit closer to getting a job and hopefully easing my financial situation. So watch out guys, it may be me serving you next time you're in Asda (fingers crossed).

Anyway as I have to be there at 11am I really should go to bed.

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