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May 14, 2005

In sheffield, briefly

That's right folks, I am currently at my sheffield home. I never really know whether to call it 'home', Leam is my home now even if the house I am in is going to change a bit. I suppose I should say I'm at my parents, sounds very grown up. Anyway I'm rambling… I'm at home to put my car back together and hopefully drivie it back to Leam tomorrow in time for work. Its been in bits since last sat when we took the gearbox out because the clutch was knackered. Now the gearbox needs putting back where it came from and it needs doing before 3pm tomorrow otherwise i'll have to borrow my mums car again and it will have been a semi-wasted journey.

Anyway best be off to bed as I have to get an early start on it, wish us luck…

May 10, 2005

Power of Dreams, amibtions, 'OK', 'What If'

No, I'm not about to try and sell you a Honda, I'm not even quite sure where the title came from. Its was a random thought I think, I was briefly thinking about ideas for my own website. The ideas were getting stronger in my mind and then all of a sudden my mind jumped to thinking about wild ambitions and the power of dreams and thus this blog entry became.

What was I thinking? Well I know we can keep our Warwick blogs when we leave uni (if we join the WGA) but I would like to have my own independant one, thats more than just a blog, it could be my life in blog format. It's a grand idea, one that would require a bit of design work to implement but I am technically able to achieve it. Then there's actually bothering to update it regularly, something which I can manage if I put my mind to it.

I just need to make sure that when I make the site I don't make it all dark and goth-like, it needs to be light and colourful. I don't mean glary pink or anything like that, more like light and airy like my blog. I would steal the design from this blog but I think the uni might have something to say about me stealing their designs! Any ideas would be greatly welcomed!

May 04, 2005

Aren't blogs brilliant!

Blogs are very powerful, aside from spreading humour and peoples darkest emotions they have more purposes. Their latest feat has been to find me a house in Leamington to live in next year, and it gets better, its with people I at least vaguely know! All because I blogged about not really been bothered to look for a place, less then 24 hours after posting I received a comment offering me a house, brilliant!

Blogs! I salute you!

May 03, 2005

I feel great

I am in a really good mood at the mo! I watched a DVD tonight; What a girl wants, its a typical chick flick but it made me feel good. The icing on the cake though was me discovering my best friend Sarah is still my friend, knowing that means so much to me.

I don't really have much else to be happy about though, I haven't started revision yet and I really need to, I still haven't tidied my room despite my numerous efforts to do it. I need to get back into the habit of going to the gym too, I think I am slowly improving my eating habits too, although I seem to have had a lot of home made pizza lately.

I also need to sort out what I'm doing next year with regards to living arrangements, I have a place on campus in Redfern with the people I currently live with but I really want to stay in Leamington for various reason, that means finding some people to live with here, hopefully it shouldnt be too difficult but it requires effort and I am feeling very lazy at the mo, the prospect of new house mates doesnt really appeal but it something I'll have to deal with as I definitely can't afford my own place!

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