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January 06, 2005

Just a quickie…

…with no real content. Firstly, goodbye and goodluck to Jimbob, I don't have anything against him, or his beliefs (except maybe the homophobic ones but he's entitled to them), it was nice to see more to him then just drunken insults. After all as a christian he should love all earths creatures even the ones who do lead heretic lifestyles like myself. It was also very pleasing to see some well reasoned and informative responses to my blog entry.

It's good to be back in Leamington, not been up to much really though, still haven't completely unpacked. I am back at work at Asda though, my contracted shifts are Tuesday 12pm to 6pm and Sunday 10am to 4pm if anyone fancys passing through my checkout, I can usually be found there most other days too as I take on far too much overtime. Other then Asda I have been onto campus once, on tuesday, visited the gym to get back into my old routine.

The only other thing worth noting for the time being is that I am a bit ill, I'm a bit bunged up and feel a bit crap, but as usual I will soldier on and plan to make my first lecture at 9am tomorrow still, and on that note I should go to bed.

January 04, 2005

Hypothetically speaking

Ok this is yet another blog entry aimed at my mystery commenter known as Jimbob, for all those that are sick of me blogging about him I'm sorry, but I really want to know his beliefs, and what he is hoping to achieve by bothering to tell me them. I am grateful that he is bothering to tell me them though, I think it's important for people to hear both sides, we can't expect to know or understand one's beliefs unless they are explained to us, he has as much right to his as I do to mine.

Ok so we are agreed that any sex other then procreative sex is wrong as far as the catholic religion goes, be it straight or otherwise, i'm not going to argue with that, that's fair enough. Sex for pleasure is a totally different issue which I'm sure could be debated forever but I have no iterest in going into that. It's a shame you didn't go on more about the Gay'ism part, that's the part I'm interested in. Let me propose a hypothetical situation to you:

Let's hypothetically say that I don't have gay sex, which for these purposes I mean any activity leading to orgasm (Mum, if you still read then this isn't hypothetical at all, your little boy wouldn't get up to such activities). So, I don't have sex, and thus don't have sinful orgasms, how would you view me then? Would you still hate me for doing nothing more than loving another man? Lets also say that I have no intention of wanting to get married to another man, I am perfectly happy having a loving, sex free, relationship with him, would that be wrong?

I guess what I am really asking is this, is it just because we partake in sexual activities with each other that makes it sinful? Am I right in thinking the bible says something along the lines of "You shall not lie with a man as with a woman" - Leviticus 18:22 which only condemns doing homosexual acts, not homosexuality itself? What's your view on this? I am also aware that marriage is the joining of a man and women and symbolises something to do with a join between the couple and god, fair enough that gay marriage should be wrong in the fact its not the union of a man and a women, but surely two men should be allowed to show a union between them and god.

Do you believe we should follow the bible and other such documents completely or that it's enough to love and believe in god and that if you live your life in a good way, ie don't break the law, cheat on your partner, have sex outside of marriage or have non-procreational sex, that your soul will be spared and you'll get your place in heaven?

I know I aimed this at Jimbob, but anyone else who wishes to comment then please do so and if I've made any factual errors then I'm sorry and please do correct me.

January 02, 2005

Nice to know everyone cares

I've just had three completely blogless days after just over 2 weeks contious blogging days, I would just like to thank all the concerned people who got in touch to check I was Ok, so that's a big thanks to absolutely no-one, guess I know who my friends are now, absolutely nobody.

I moved back to Leamington yesterday, the house is fairly tidy, or rather it was till I put my stuff everywhere. The one thing it definitely was was cold, it's taken most of the night to get the temperature back up, its surprising how much heat is stored up in walls and things whilst the heating is off.

I came back early because Asda in Sheffield no longer wanted me and as I can't afford to have days sat around doing nothing I thought I'd best get back to Asda here, so I'm off there in a bit to hopefully get some shifts, maybe even one tomorrow, and to do my first food shopping of the new year.

Hmmm this entry isn't really of a very high quality to say I have had 3 days off to work on it.

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