December 17, 2004

Warwick Bloggers Calender 2005

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Sam was saying how he'd like a Warwick Bloggers Calender for christmas, we'll I think we can just about manage that. It would be cool, and a good way for me to waste away more of my christmas hols. I can't do it alone though, I need you guys to email me photos (preferably of digital camera quality) with suggested captions and the moth you think the picture belongs to and I'll get to work on making a lovely calender.

Then if anyone would like a copy of the finished article I will look into either printing them myself for a small fee to cover costs or maybe get a cheap printer (anyone know of any) to make us some. If I get overwhelmed with pictures I'll have to blog them and open them up to a vote as to which are included.

Lol, this is very sad and I bet no-one really cares to want one, even if it could be used to show your love / hate of certain people by kissing / stabbing it.

P.S. I would liked to have kept up my streak of naming my blog entries after Oasis lyrics but I don't think Oasis have song about Warwick Blogs, maybe I should suggest it to them perhaps?

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  1. I couldn't not submit an entry to this but sadly I don't have a digital camera yet.

    17 Dec 2004, 01:06

  2. Use your awesomeness to blag one of someone, or scan a normal photo.

    17 Dec 2004, 01:16

  3. Or be creative and photoshop an image of somekind.

    17 Dec 2004, 01:18

  4. Oddly very few pictures of me exist. I will see if I can track down an associate with a digital camera if you get more participants.

    17 Dec 2004, 01:19

  5. Does your awesomeness break cameras? I'll be interested to see if there is much interest, I guess if there is it will only be from our little group.

    17 Dec 2004, 01:25

  6. Hi Chris
    I like the pic of you in the 'about me' section; maybe that could be in the Calendar.

    The favourate pic in my blog is this one; link , for OCtober – See my blog on Nov 9th for explaination

    17 Dec 2004, 08:50

  7. I think a special picture of me may be in order. In my underpants. Screeming. And waving a gun around. In Scunthorpe town centre.

    17 Dec 2004, 11:05

  8. haha, Id post a pic, but I dont think Im a regular enough WBer to do it!

    17 Dec 2004, 11:41

  9. Mmm, I dunno, there are only 17 pictures of me in existence, to take another could upset the space-time continuum.

    I'll see what I can do…

    17 Dec 2004, 11:43

  10. Ace idea. Whosever it was.

    17 Dec 2004, 12:44

  11. Mathew Mannion

    I'd post a pic, but I don't own a digital camera :) Could wait till next term and do an underwear photoshoot?

    17 Dec 2004, 14:15

  12. John Dale

    > do an underwear photoshoot?

    Blogs admin to red alert. This is not a drill.

    17 Dec 2004, 14:37

  13. Sighs and gets the patented Mat prodder (r) out of its box

    Here, use this to pacify him.

    17 Dec 2004, 15:04

  14. Mathew Mannion

    :( crawls back into the vile, wretched hole he crawled out of

    17 Dec 2004, 15:08

  15. You know very well that a person of my vanity can not resist such a wonderful opportunity. I've already organized a £3,000 photo shoot in London to get the perfect shot for the calendar, and I expect to be given the months of January, February, March, May (I don't like April very much, its a little silly for my liking), June, July and August. If that's ok with you?

    Ok, so I lied, I'll try and find a photo tres soon, and pray that the month of May stays open, so that I can celebrate my birthday by looking at myself

    17 Dec 2004, 16:12

  16. Lol well you all seem to think its a great idea yet I'm not seeing any submissions off anyone except Nicholas Wake, who's judgement needs to be questioned as he likes pictures of me.
    As for a underwear photoshoot, there are a few people I wouldnt mind seeing in very little clothing, but sorry Mat you just aren't one of them. Come on guys send me pictures.

    18 Dec 2004, 01:41

  17. Can I be December? I have just the picture now after going on a rampage with my brother's digital camera.

    19 Dec 2004, 23:30

  18. Shotgun on June.

    21 Dec 2004, 19:03

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