December 21, 2004

To sleep per chance to dream

Usually i'm not one for waking up remembering dreams, last night was an exception, not only could I remember one dream I could remember having had a few. Although as it's now about 18 hours since I woke up I can only vaguely remember one of the few dreams so I'm going to tell you about that, I'll remind you now that my dreams are fairly strange in the way that major details change very quickly.

I dreamt I had a step brother (I do have one but this one was fictional), somehow he'd just come out to my parents (I don't remember whether it was my mum and step dad or my dad and step mum but either way they weren't either of my actual parents) over the phone I think, the atmosphere was very strange and they were planning to sit him down and talk to him when he arrived home. I was feeling very sympathetic toward him and very much so wanted to be there for him. I remember him coming home but then it jumped to us being at a party, he had his boyfirend who was very attractive with him, and Natalie (from work, as of yet the only character from real life).

We seemed to having fun and then next thing I know we are just about to get into my step-bro's boyfriend's car when we see this crazy women with the police chasing her coming towards us, I tell my step-bro's boyfriend to chuck me the keys so that she can't unlock the car and get away in it but she seemed to have a remote control to unlock the car and starts it easily (no idea how as I still have the keys), so we're driving along (again I dont know how we went from being outside the locked car to being in it but we were).

Somehow we managed to escape the car and all ran in different directions, the crazy lady followed me and I tried to hide in the garden of a nearby house but did so very badly and she spotted me and came at me with her gun (which she didn't seem to have before). I managed to fight it off her and tried to shoot her back but she pulled another gunfrom somewhere and we had a matrix style gunfight with us both avaoiding the bullets, next thing I know I've shot her, but I think I must have had to shot myself to get her because I remember saying to someone something like "Sometimes you have to shoot yourself to get the require result".

Thats about it I think, all very strange, and probably has some deep meaing and insight about my life. Who knows?

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  1. Mathew Mannion

    Hey, kid, you're a computer.

    21 Dec 2004, 09:38

  2. Mathew Mannion

    I dreamt about Scrubs last night, it was a whole new episode, where JD was cheating on Turk with lots of sexor with a hot new nurse, and Turk found out and passed out, so he asked JD to shoot him "near the faeces" (yeah, I was thinking "wtf" in my dream too) so Carla didn't know he was dying of a broken heart and not a major wound, so JD stabbed him and he "changed his mind", then my sister walked into my room and told me it was 20 to 9 and I had to make a 20 minute drive to work. Shii…

    21 Dec 2004, 09:43

  3. It means you have issues with your father. Everything does.

    21 Dec 2004, 14:12

  4. Mathew Mannion

    But I don't have issues with my father

    21 Dec 2004, 14:22

  5. Maybe issues with your mother then?

    21 Dec 2004, 21:03

  6. Yes you're right I do have issues with my father but I fail to see how the dream shows that? Surely the reoccuring dreams I have involving my father are more indicative of the issues.

    22 Dec 2004, 02:45

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