January 08, 2005

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As you may be aware a few of the power-bloggers got together today to watch the borrowing of one of Sam's DVD's by James. It was supposed to be just the two of them meeting to exchange the DVD but then I suggested I come along to meet Sam, and somehow from there half the world was invited.

I decided i'd trundle along to the publisized event, it was nice to see the people in real life but social get-togethers like that always leave me coming away a bit depressed to be honest, Its nothing to do with the people, they were lovely and didn't say anything nasty at all. I think it just makes me realise stuff about myself that I don't really want to have to think about. I always end up sat there quietly whilst thinking a million different thoughts. I feel so awkward, yet apparently, so I've been told, I'm fairly well received.

I hate this part of me so much that its quite an effort to drag myself along to these kind of things. Sam, who until today only knew me from the blogs and msn, said to me that I am quite quiet in real life. I had warned him of this fact to be fair. He was expecting someone a bit more camp, well it's just not me, I didn't make even one reference that would indicate my sexuality today, despite the fact that they all know my preference. Despite that fact I still can't say simple stuff like "I'd give him one" like James was perfectly capable of doing when Charlie from Busted was discussed, yes thats right folks, James would give Charlie from Busted one.

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  1. Mathew Mannion

    I know exactly what you mean, for I am the same really.

    I'd imagine from your blog entries someone who's very outgoing and camp, as well as someone who's very confident (everyone who goes to the gym is confident, it's a law of life).

    Hope to see you at the blog social next Friday, when I will quite excellently be awake in time to meet people.

    08 Jan 2005, 02:05

  2. I'm the same, except I like women.

    08 Jan 2005, 02:20

  3. It would seem that my blog paints the complete opposite picture of my real persona, or rather it probably portrays my inner self, how I'd like to be in person. I am not full of confidence, but neither do I lack it, probablly got a happy medium in that respect.

    08 Jan 2005, 09:32

  4. Ditto.
    I can write all kinds of stuff that I would never say in real life. I'd want to say it, get the opportunity to say it, know that I should say it, but don't. That is a bit naff, really. Specially since when I actually get talking I'm quite personable (apparently)

    08 Jan 2005, 12:29

  5. A lot of people seem to be quite different in real life from their blog personas. It's all quite fascinating really. I have no idea what my blog persona is, but I'm sure I just come across as crazy when people actually meet me!

    Did I spy you in ASDA today Chris? If not, ignore that; if so, I would have come and said hi but I didn't, just in case it wasn't you!

    08 Jan 2005, 14:17

  6. I keep getting told by bloggers who I meet that I'm very talkative in real life. This is true but I'm confused as to how I come across from my blogs now cos I've never made any secret of my ability to talk the hind legs off a donkey.

    Chris, I thought you were quiet but lovely.

    08 Jan 2005, 14:55

  7. Sarah, where you with a kinda cute guy? Did you go through something like checkout 10 or 11 (roughly in the middle about 3 or 4 in front of the one I was on)? I thought it was you but I hadnt paid too much attention yesterday and wasnt sure, I tried to avoid staring though as its a bit rude. No doubt you'll see me in there again, I do live there afterall.

    08 Jan 2005, 18:31

  8. It does feel awkward sometimes to be a quiet person among a crowd of more extroverted people (I'm one of the quiet ones even when I'm not as tired as I was yesterday) but it was still nice to meet you. (To put it another way, see comment 2 – hahaha Andy)!

    Keep making the effort, it's a good thing. We'll see you on Friday?

    08 Jan 2005, 19:56

  9. Yes that was me! I used to work there you know, except I was a counters girl. Counters was the best department!

    09 Jan 2005, 13:48

  10. Wes Walker

    If James would give Charlie one, does that mean he would give me one?

    10 Jan 2005, 01:50

  11. Naw, he only gives one to fit guys! :P

    10 Jan 2005, 05:15

  12. Yeah, I tend to dislike social get-togethers as well. I sort of feel as though, like the music, I sink into the background and only get noticed when I do/say something out of place. And people instinctively form little groups which are somehow harder to penetrate than Fort Knox!

    That said, this weekend I was at another meet and I had plenty of fun there. No one told me about this, whatsit, 'blog social?'

    11 Jan 2005, 00:44

  13. Did someone say "blog social "?

    12 Jan 2005, 01:12

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