December 01, 2004

Paint a pretty picture

Todays title is a little bit irrelevant mainly because I had a title in mind but now can't remember it so I just put the first thing that entered my head. Today has been a funny day, it started with me having my database systems coursework marked, after waiting (because I turned up a few hours early to get it out of the way) and I got an evil marker. I feel the marking system is unfair, the mark you achieve seems to depend more on the marker you recieve, I also feel that the marker should be competent enough to mark the work, which mine clearly wasn't.

I argued with him over a particular aspect till he eventually decided we should ask the lecturer who told him that I was right. This wasn't over a complicated matter, something as simple as inserting a subset of column values into a table. He was refusing to give me the mark because I'd chosen to exclude the columns Ididn't want to insert into (which will implicitly set the excluded columns to NULL by default) as opposed to using the explicit method of inserting into all the columns and using the NULL keyword for the ones I don't have data for. I got 80% in the end which isn't bad but I think I deserved more.

Sorry to all those who have no idea what I was just rambling on about then, those that do will hopefully feel my pain. Anyway on with the day… I then had about an hour to waste before my lectures so I checked my email to discover that the purpose I was supposed to be meeting someone later for is no longer needed so I didn't need to go for my marking early anyway. I had my 2 lectures and then had to waste another hour hanging around on campus as I had agreed to meet someone else at 2pm.

I have been known to meet random strangers I've met on the net but they've always been gay guys, I've never met any straight guys before, in fact I don't think I've ever made any straight male friends on the net, I usually only talk to straight guy I've met in real life. I was kinda nervous although I have no idea why as it's not as though I was being judged on my sexyness (I may have been judged on my usefulness in his bid for world domination though).

It was a pleasant experience all in all, defintely made a new friend I think. It's amazing what lending people stuff can do, although by lending him one of my DVD's I had withdrawal symptoms from being a DVD short and bought 6 more since to compensate, he's cost me a small fortune. I spent just over an hour in his room, one of the topics we talked about was our poster collection so I'd like to take this opertunity to show you my favourite poster.

So all in all its not been such a bad day, making new friends is always nice, especially when you know there's no real ulterior motive unlike when meeting a gay guy who for all you know may just want to sleep with you. Can't see this guy wanting to sleep with me (even if he was gay :P ), not that I'd refuse I don't think :S

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  1. That is a good'n, I'd happily have that fine form up on my wall!

    01 Dec 2004, 23:55

  2. Curious

    Firstly I thought it was going to be one of those filler episodes. As in neigbours (vis a vis nearly every story line) I feared for a sec this was going to be plotless, as I have no computery idea.

    However, then you went all soft and gooey over making a new friend. bless. Now, was this JH or another guy? In which case could we see some complicated crush triangles in the future?

    keep me posted.

    p.s. Wolves are veeery this season. Stick it in an asda fleece and I'd have it on my bloody wall!

    02 Dec 2004, 01:43

  3. Soft and goey is good, There's never a pointless moment in my blog, just in my life! If I told you who it was then it wold destroy the suspense but oh well whatever, yes it was good old James, I was very impressed by the way I managed to write the whole blog entry without explicitly mentioning him although there are definite clues like our fight for world domination against Sam and his lovely wife, Natalie and the clue about the DVD. I'll give a prise to the first person to tell me what the DVD was? (James Hughes and his associated employees aren't allowed to enter).

    The only problem with having met James is that now he's no longer just a perception, he's now real, i need a new perception to lust over, and at the moment i'm loving having a mysterious admirer going by the name of Curious.

    02 Dec 2004, 15:57

  4. I like your wolf poster. I wish I had a wolf-skin coat (it would be made without killing the wolf, of course, as I'm not a vicious person and don't approve of viciousness. I don't see why they can't just make coats from wolves who have died from natural causes, for eg, old age).

    Are you blogging in Manchester?

    02 Dec 2004, 18:08

  5. Manchester? Why would I be blogging there? I've just returned from a Darkness concert there but I wasn't there long enough to have to blog while there. If you actuallly meant to say Sheffield (which is my home town) then yes I will.

    03 Dec 2004, 02:30

  6. Oh, well then say "hello" to my brother who studies there.
    Not that there would be any reason for you to be able to do that since you probably have never met him (?).
    I don't think he ever does ASDA.

    03 Dec 2004, 23:40

  7. I definitely haven't knowingly met him and I very much doubt I've unknowingly met him either. I'm home in Sheffield and as you can see the blogging continues. I'd be suprised if he did ASDA as its not really that close to the uni or the studenty areas of sunny Sheffield.

    04 Dec 2004, 00:32

  8. I did ASDA once, but it wasn't a great experience – it was only my first time, and it was really awkward, and it all finished a bit early. And that's not even mentioning the disgusting mess left to clean up afterwards. Plus, ASDA is so common that I fear that I might have caught something – I'll stick to doing Waitrose in the future

    04 Dec 2004, 11:47

  9. I'm a regular ASDA do-er. I should have known you we're a Waitrose boy and left well alone, don't want any of that upper class stuff near me. Don't even think about coming and doing ASDA while I'm in ASDA!

    04 Dec 2004, 20:16

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