February 09, 2005


I really have been neglecting a few things lately, I just cant seem to fit everything in. This isn't really due to not having enough time, its because I try to do them all at the same time, just before going to bed. I find it easier to do things regularly if they become part of either my getting up or my going to bed routine. Making them part of my getting up routine isn't practical, its hard to tell how long these activities will take and I like to get up with just enough time to make my first lecture or work.

So what about as part of my going to bed routine then? Well the problem here is the amount of things that have now become part of this routine; reading all my favourites blog entries, possibly posting a new entry of my own, writing (left-handed) in my journal, replying to the days emails and now I have the Warwick Pride website to look after. So with all these things to do its just not practical anymore, I always start the routine far too late, by the time I start I am already beyond tired, the last two nights I have actually fallen asleep during the blog catchup (thats no reflection on blogging quality btw)

The resolve? Well I suppose I need to start the routine earlier on, or perhaps do some of it during the day although some of it need to wait till the end of the day like the journal writing. So I think starting earlier is the best option, whether I will manage to is a different matter. I suppose I could also just get up later but thats not really possible if I want to keep my current attendance rates to lectures. Well anyway, what I thought was going to be a short post has quickly become quite long so its time for me to do other things.

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  1. Roger

    I know how you feel, Knowlesey… Mark Jarvis has been neglecting me of late. It's such a fucking shame, we could have been so good together and he knows it. Tell him that I still feel the same, he'll know what I'm talking about. Tell him that I am willing to forgive and forget. I still love you, Mark. Still love you

    10 Feb 2005, 19:46

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