December 24, 2004

Merry Christmas

Yeah right! Christmas sucks, for a start there's always those old smelly relatives that spend all day comment on how much you've grown over the year. Then there's all the stupid bank holidays that get in the way of the valuable postal service, because of Christmas, even if I order the new Mp3 player I want now, it won't get delivered till about this time next week.

What is it with people? Why don't they want to work on christmas day? Why do they need a bank holiday just because Christmas day fell on a saturday, bloody lazy people. I could have had my Mp3 player on Monday but noooo I have to wait till wednesday or thursday now, and that's if I pay for next day delivery, hardly what I'd call next day is it?

And then if all that isn't enough there's the fact the shops are manically busy, people are buying 5 weeks worth of food in one go, why? Do they think we might forget to open again on December the 27th, after being closed for only 2, yes thats right kiddies, 2 days? I suppose the one decent thing is that their crazy spending means more profit for the company I work for and maybe, if we're lucky, more bonus for us minions that actually keep the place ticking.

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  1. C Dickens

    They need 5 weeks worth of food to persuade themselves they are a big, happy family with a good mother (and then throw lots of it away e.g. 7 thick-sliced Mothers Pride loaves)

    24 Dec 2004, 20:30

  2. Wake up on the right side of bed tomorrow, and be joyous.

    24 Dec 2004, 21:50

  3. But....

    Your a queer fuck… so what does it matter

    24 Dec 2004, 21:57

  4. I'm Wellhard So I Don't Need To Put My Real Name

    Oh lord… someone apparently has nothing better to do with their time than post anonymous comments pointing out the already obvious fact that Mr. Knowles here is gay. I'd like to take the time to leave you a message, mystery brainless homophobe:

    1. If you're going to explain to Mr. Knowles that which he is already aware of reguarding his sexuality, you could at least have the common courtesy to do it with proper grammar and punctuation. You said: "Your a queer fuck… so what does it matter", when I think you'll find you mean "You're a queer fuck… so what does it matter_?_" – notice the question mark, my slow witted friend. You asked him a question "What does it matter?", so we put a question mark after it.

    2. Psychological studies have shown that when watching gay porn, around 80% of homophobic, "heterosexual" males became aroused as opposed to 0% of non-homophobic, heterosexual males. Do you think there's a slight chance here that you might actually be a little bit gay yourself? You seem to spend a hell of a lot of time floating around Chris' blog. Really ask yourself: why are you here reading this if you hate gay people so much? Why not just piss off and lift some weights, or eat a Yorkie, or whatever it is that manly, heterosexual males who spend all their free time screwing ladies are doing these days?

    3. I'm very worried about the obvious inferiority complex that you have. You clearly aren't comfortable enough with yourself to even put your own name at the top of your comments. If you're too scared to do even that on some guy's Blog then you, my friend, need help. I suggest you see a therapist (or three) about this, and your obvious repressed homosexuality.

    I hope these three points help you to get your life and grammar sorted out a bit. And when you've done that, perhaps you won't feel the need to leave spiteful, anonymous comments on people's Blogs, that show you up for the weak, pathetic, confused soul that you are.

    Merry Christmas everyone. It saddens me that I live in a world where I find myself writing such things as the clocks turn over and it becomes the 25th of December.

    25 Dec 2004, 00:02

  5. Well said Wellhard, I've gone round deleting most of the comments but I shall leave the one here. I have also changed most of the posts so that only Staff/Students can comment but I shall leave this one as everybody so that Anon can post his retort (which will be very witty i'm sure). From now on I may make all my posts uncommentable by strangers, not because the abuse bothers me, but because it may offend or worry other readers, I'll apologise now to all the respectable non-uni commenters.

    25 Dec 2004, 02:38

  6. Richard

    oooooh so I can't comment on your wonderful blog any longer? (not that I ever have before). Stupid bastards!!! anyway love you chris, thankyou for being a great friend :) and I can only agree about your observations about xmas, I myself have just recieved loads of crappy gifts that I will probabily never use and am forced to spend this time with my parents and not my boyfriend. saying that I don't think the time of the year is particularly bad its just having to spend it with family, if it was spent with boyfriend and mates and no family then it would be brilliant and fun :) As for the post office comment, thank god someone else has the same opionion – I thought I was the only person sad enough to care lol great to see someone else does!

    Well thats about it – probabily my one and only reply to chris' blog!


    25 Dec 2004, 10:43

  7. Hey, you've become cool enough to warrant unjustified hatred – welcome to my world!

    25 Dec 2004, 13:06

  8. I've decide to blog in response to this comment, see link

    25 Dec 2004, 21:29

  9. Paul

    Hey, just thought id correct you jimbob,

    You cant beat of to female porn

    thanks, x

    25 Dec 2004, 21:35

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