December 25, 2004

Jimbob and his following

It's Christmas day and I've chosen to blog about a wonderful subject, Homophobia.

Merry Christmas everybody, even you Jimbob.

As some of you may have noticed I have aquired a seemedly homophobic stalker, he has been posting homophobic insults on my blog, I have deleted alot of these as I don't want the Blogmins (a word I made up for Blog Admins) getting annoyed at me for not deleting, what may be seen as, offensive comments.

I was suprised to see jimbob's nice coherant entry in reply to Wellhard's comment (link), you actually seem intelligent, something which petty insults don't show. Yeah, sure, it is your right to remain anon but you don't really have much right to go insulting me or the rest of the gay community. I just wonder why you waste your time slagging us off when there is so many better things you could be doing, do you get some kinda pleasure out of making other peoples lifes a misery, or perhaps you just think we find it funny?

Personally, yeah, I do just find it funny, It's something I have come to expect and don't really care about, so go ahead and waste your time commenting, you aren't going to achieve anything, I won't become straight, I wont stop posting entries about my gay life, I won't get depressed and comit suicide. I have decided not to make my entries Staff/Student only as it's unfair on the people who comment from outside the university, so you will be able to comment to your hearts content, but if you post entries that are just offensive then I will more then likely delete them.

I wont delete them because I am bothered by them, why should I be, I don't know you (or at least I don't think I do) and thus don't really care what you think, as long as the people I care about like me for who I am then I'm happy. But I will delete so that I don't get moaned at by the Blogmins, and so that other gay readers aren't offended or upset by them. I wish I could understand homophobia, what is it you are so affraid of? Do you think we'll try and turn you? You should be grateful, because I am gay, there is one more women available out there for you to shag.

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  1. antiphobia

    i think he just longs to say he wants to talk dirty with you, and get your sexual attention, and is driven mad by his inability to cope with not daring to reveal himself and do so honestly… the only way he is able to touch you, or say something that is directed at you, is to write obscene insults etc. It gives him an inverted thrill that he is reaching out to you, trying to make you feel something for him… when all you feel is indifference!

    25 Dec 2004, 22:37

  2. Well said Chris! Glad you're not letting this tw*t get to you.

    25 Dec 2004, 23:32

  3. You're a much less irritable man than me! ToO be perfectly honest, he doesn't sound intelligent at all, and, being the aristocrat that I'm not, I really can't bear to see somebody spell sentEnces incorrectly. That's no typo, that's just cheap education.
    If you want to pick on somebody, Mr Homophobe, come to my blog – you will find many others like yourself that have left rather amusing insults lying around and about the place. You could even pretend that I'm gay too.

    p.s. Chris, what is homosexuality? Is that when a man wants another man sexually? Do they … do … things? Oh my God, that is sick, he's right!

    27 Dec 2004, 11:10

  4. (ahem) ToO is Egyptian for "to" – most certainly not a mistake on my part.

    27 Dec 2004, 11:11

  5. Yes James, I'm afraid you are right, I partake in sick activities.

    27 Dec 2004, 13:41

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