November 25, 2004

James Hughes

After reading the odd blog here and there I've noticed that James Hughes seems to have quite a following and is well liked by all, except by evil Sam who's his arch nemesis.

So I've decided he needs his own offical fan club, don't miss out on this wonderful oppertunity to become an official member and to declare your undying love for the beauty we affectionately call James.

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  1. You really shouldn't let me post on topics like this… but anyway here's the first three members have signed up:

    These are standard DC cooling fans from SanyoDeki.

    25 Nov 2004, 00:17

  2. Yeah, I shouldn't let you comment, the same way they shouldn't let me blog stuff like this, I should keep my obsessions to myself.

    25 Nov 2004, 00:25

  3. As I'm your number one fan, and you are clearly a fan of mine, does that make me a meta-James Hughes fan? If so, were do I sign up? Do I get a member's badge?

    25 Nov 2004, 00:33

  4. By were, I mean where. Of course.

    25 Nov 2004, 00:33

  5. Yay!

    25 Nov 2004, 00:39

  6. I'm affraid, to the best of my knowledge anyway, that there isn't a meta-James Hughes fan club. So lets create one just to keep you happy and you can sign up here, as for a members badge I'm sure something could be arranged.

    25 Nov 2004, 00:39

  7. If you want, I'll give you an autograph on your blog page..? As a reward for your loyalty..

    25 Nov 2004, 00:43

  8. I can't have an autographed picture to frame and keep forever then? If not I guess the autograph on my blog will have to do.

    25 Nov 2004, 00:54

  9. You can have an autographed picture then, I have plenty to spare from the time when I thought that I was the first person ever to have come back from the dead, but it turned out that some hippy beat me to it.

    25 Nov 2004, 01:06

  10. I'll sign up if there are free t-shirts.

    25 Nov 2004, 02:07

  11. I don't like this fan club idea. James is mine. all mine. i don't want anyone getting too close to him. HE'S MINE. MINE.

    25 Nov 2004, 02:08

  12. Awww Jen's affraid of losing her precious James, it looks like you don't have what it takes to keep him to yourself, he's wooed by my utter devotion to himm he loves the fame and attention I'm bringing him, what do you have to offer him?

    Daniel, if affraid the James Hughes fan club budget can't afford t-shirts at the mo but when we can I promise you'll be the 1st to recieve one.

    25 Nov 2004, 02:21

  13. Sweet. I expect a giant picture of James' face on the front.

    25 Nov 2004, 03:10

  14. It's OK Jen, those fans aren't possessive, just cooling.

    25 Nov 2004, 16:20

  15. um, chris, in case you were unaware, i satisfy james in ways that you couldn't even dream of…it is this very fact that keeps him knocking on my door three or four times daily or taking the long hall down to the o block kitchen just to glimpse my most beautious face for a few minutes before walking arm in arm to lectures together. y-e-ah. bitch. of course, i don't mind if you have him- i'm really not into willies- as james stated earlier (willies=no) oh, and james: i hope you don't mind us whoring you out like this. it's not like you've never done it to me or anything… :0)

    27 Nov 2004, 00:35

  16. being a man and not a women i realise i can't satisfy him the same way you can, what a shame!

    27 Nov 2004, 09:57

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