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November 30, 2004


Tonights the night for questions, most of which will be either philosophical or psychological in nature so if any of you psychologists or philosophers want to comment then please do.

I've not blogged in a day or two and i've looked back over my last few entrys and one word comes to mind – Childish. Yeah the fame and popularity that came from the posts and getting not one but two hot topics was nice but it's just not what I'm looking for. Why am did I feel the need to pretend that James Hughes is the best guy ever? (You are cool by the way but not the best by far, sorry) If I don't desire fame and popularity from blogs then what do I really desire?

Speaking of James I think I've actually seen him in the flesh today, on his way through Xananas, and I have to say I found it kinda strange to see someone I know only through blogs. How did I know it was him? Did he recognise me? If he didn't then did he at least spot me? (I have been hard to miss today, more about that in a sec)

Why is it that I feel the need to stand out around the place? All day today I have been wearing my green Asda fleece around campus, even to Top B for the short time I was there. I had no real need to wear it, I have plenty of clothes. Is my wish to stand out, even if it is by looking like a twit, based upon on a desire to be more open about my sexuality?

Perhaps I'm just obsessed; obsessed with my job. I think I get like this quite a lot, what makes one so obsessed with a job that isn't really that spectactular? Why is it that I can be enthusiastic about a job that half the time is quite dull?

I was up in the Graduate Club (Zippy's for the old schoolers) this evening and I spent half my time up there staring out of the windows overlooking various bits of campus. There was something about it which I found incredible beautiful. What makes us just stand and stare like that?

Well thats enough questions for now, don't you think?

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